'How to break out of a kettle' leaflet for March 26th

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Mar 18 2011 20:39
'How to break out of a kettle' leaflet for March 26th

i put together this PDF of 2-sided leaflet guide that recycles some Earth First and Indymedia content together with some of my own content

its a bit DIY, but it explains nicely how to break a kettle and how to stop a kettle forming. this has been the main issue on all the student protests and is likely to be the problem on the march 26th TUC march.


i put it under the A(A)A name, because thats the only group i'm vaguely associated with.

i've heard there will be some of Afed at the Education Bloc feeder, if this is the case can someone get in touch? i've been going with SWP trots from my college to the student demos and the leftism is killing me

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Mar 24 2011 00:24

This will be very helpful.

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Mar 24 2011 12:58

Yes, Surrey-Hants AF will be meeting at Mallet Street. We'll have a flag and stuff to dish out so you shouild see us.