Help with translating leaflets into Mongolian/Vietnamese

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Feb 6 2009 11:54
Help with translating leaflets into Mongolian/Vietnamese

Because of the crisis thousands of foreign workers (mostly Mongolian and Vietnamese) were fired in Czech Republic and now the state has started to organize mass deportation of the workers, increasing number of inspection in places where the workers live or meet and pointing to potential future criminal acts of the foreigners which would affect "well-ordered" Czech society. The state did all its best before to support import of cheap labour force for its benefactors, now the state has pointed out that employment agencies should have financial provision to guarantee easy deportation of unneeded foreign labour force.

I think it's our duty as proletarian militants to express our class position to this situation which is all-in class struggle. I'd like to propose my comrades to create a leaflet/announcement which would show class content and would appeal to the foreign workers not to deprecate all Czech working class as racist, xenophobic even though its silent "support" to the state activities. It's important to destroy all democratic lies and to focus on the fundamental - capital -- labour force which causes misery for hundreds of fired Czech workers as well.

So is there anybody who could I ask for translation? I tried and it is not good.