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Sep 7 2004 14:17
Global solidarity

We are happy to announce that as of August 20, 2004, – Radical Voice of East Asia is serving the international community with news, forums and issue-specific information aimed at unifying East Asian activists and fostering solidarity with anarchists, anti-imperialists, and anti-authoritarian collectives and organizations world-wide.

The site hosts bulletin boards and a news service in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Japanese; along with a library, and and action calender for the entire region (sorted by country).

Check us out!

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Sep 7 2004 23:41

awesome! maybe i've missed something by not reading any proper anarchist theory magazines for a few years (except the last couple of green anarchy's, because i enjoy reading things written almost entirely by people either completely off their face or out of their minds due to a childhood addiction to psychadaelic rock), but east asia seems to be a gaping hole in the news section of anarchists in the west. apart from south korea obivously.

anyway, i'll have a good read in the next few days and then post a useful post rather than this nonsense i've just written.

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Oct 19 2004 01:12

Comrades of UK;

movements of imperial and NAZIonal japanese islands have ignored every asian rebels and activists for many years. yes, our anarchists' movement are so small.(but, very militant) also, we have no good communications to other regions of the earth. so, in europe, japanese anarchists' movements were not known so well. i will continue to try to contact you as long as i can. thanks. (rebel_JILL)