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Aug 23 2006 16:12
Get connected - Networking on

Get connected - Networking on

Many of our users will have noticed the growing number of new features on libcom version 4. Some of these are to help radical workers, such as yourselves, to get in contact with other people in a similar position.

So far we have networking based on:
- Region/continent
- country
- city
- employment sector
- occupation
- union membership
- political group membership
- former political group membership (comrades re-united)
- political labelling
- similar tastes

Obviously, the more people that use these functions the better they are for everyone. So if you have a couple of minutes, why not click "my profile" towards the top-left of your screen and fill in the fields? These ones are all in Networking and politics.

For the networking to work properly you must enter the information as it is requested in the small text under the fields. For example for unions use the most common acronym, e.g. TGWU, and for political groups use the full name, e.g. Anarchist Federation.

Any problems, questions, suggestions, ask us on this thread.

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Jan 4 2007 17:09

How do you browse the networking to find others?

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Jan 4 2007 17:16

Hi gwen, yeah we're working on that, it will be sorted at some point in the next couple of months.

in the mean time, looking for specific things you can click your own entries and change the text in the address bar to find others.

For example when clicking your employment sector it takes you to:

to find people working in retail and food go to:

It's not perfect, but will be improved soon...

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Jan 22 2007 19:46

thats a great idea! nice job libcom comrades!

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Feb 26 2007 14:18

This has now been improved with the upgrade, with more information on how to accurately fill in your profile to maximise networking potential. It also contains a new field in the networking and politics section - what's your favourite page on

Don't forget in your "about me" section you can enter whatever you want, including HTML and BBcode.

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Jacques Roux
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Feb 26 2007 14:42

And soon the user pages are going to be totally re-done to make them easier on the eye and more social-networky.

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Mar 5 2010 23:34

If you ever get the chance you should make it search for similar words, e.g. IWW and I.W.W., or AF and Anarchist Federation

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May 27 2012 09:06

Is the search funtion working on the networking? I cant seem to find it. red n black star

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Jun 23 2013 17:05

Hi. Nope. Sorry. I can't find any of these options. And there's no 'my profile' (although there is a 'my account') tab I can see. Is that because I'm new, am in the first 24 hours of membership, or am I missing something obvious? Sorry if I'm being a dope, but I'm keen to know what's going on in my area (I suspect nothing much). I'll get to that in another post, but if you could enlighten me as to how I access the filtering to discover who's doing what where I am that would be great.

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Jun 23 2013 18:26

Hi there again.

Please disregard my query above. I figured it out.


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Sep 12 2019 22:40

Huh, I can't seem to post a new comment on any forum. Is this a bug on my account? I was hoping to post a comment about setting up an anarchist meet-up/reading group/whatever in Southampton. Any idea on how to do this?

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Sep 13 2019 00:36

you probably ran into the antispam protection, you could try asking here to have posting rights enabled
although you may get a quicker response if you contact libcom on social media