"For Workers Power"; Maurice Brinton

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May 29 2008 16:44
Weeler wrote:
Wilhelm Reich is all well and good, I am a fan of his work. I dont take it too seriously though - the man believed in orgone, a universal sexual life energy and made penis shaped guns to shoot at the clouds. Brintons main flaw was basing his work on Reich.

Best Recent Overheard Conversation (Library):

"But how do I know that orgone is REAL? Can I do experiments with it?"
"No man, you can't mess around with orgone unless you know what you're doing. You're messing with the grids of the earth...I've heard stories of people, just like us, who have been messing around with orgone and caused major storms. People have died! You gotta be like a scientist about it..."

On another note, are his Portugal writings available online anywhere? Some of us are cheap.

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May 29 2008 17:14
Randy wrote:
Does Worker's Power include much useful content beyond Bolshi's & Worker's Control and The Irrational in Politics? I've read those two.

Yes as far as I remember it does.

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May 29 2008 17:53

Portugal, the Impossible revolution is online at http://www.geocities.com/cordobakaf/port.html it has an intro by Brinton.

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May 30 2008 01:12

The book and intro are also online in the libcom library: http://libcom.org/library/portugal-impossible-revolution-phil-mailer-intro

Couldn't find the two diary accounts but they are definitely worth reading.

PS mods is there any way to work out a similar deal with the US amazon? I'd like to support libcom next time i buy a bunch of stuff on amazon but the shipping is bad from the UK.

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May 30 2008 08:14
nastyned wrote:
I've got an orgone accumulator and it makes me feel greater.

Ah, a Hawkwind reference here. Cool. What about the more politically relevant line:

"It's a one man isolater, not a social integrater"?

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May 30 2008 08:50

I'm going to have to put it on now! Fortunately I've downloaded it on to my computer as my copy of Space Ritual is back home. sad

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Jun 2 2008 07:31
OliverTwister wrote:
PS mods is there any way to work out a similar deal with the US amazon? I'd like to support libcom next time i buy a bunch of stuff on amazon but the shipping is bad from the UK.

you'll be PMed about this...

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Jun 9 2008 14:56

I think knightrose has answered the Brinton critics on the wages/market system and self-management, but I have to say as one of the Social Revolution 'negotiators' with Brinton and Solidarity over the amendments to the 'As We see It/Don't See It' document that I think they were rung out of that organisation only after something of a struggle and were never accepted by all Solidarity supporters.

More problematical than this in the end was the organisational principle. Although the Social Revolution Group was based on three separate geographical groups with a wide measure of autonomy in deciding on their activity, we did take theoretical unity seriously and met regularly to iron out our ideas and decide on our organisational priorities.
The newly emerging national Solidarity Group never managed that levelof comitment to theoretical and tactical unity and this eventually lead to further splits along a variety of different lines (one of which lead to the formation of the british 'Wildcat' group, from a mixture of ex Solidarity and ex ICC members).