Euromayday discussion

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Apr 9 2005 19:20
Euromayday discussion


MAYDAY is International workers day, born out of the struggle for an 8 hour day in 1886. Over 100 years later our lives are still taken up by the world of work. Even more so now, as the work imposed by Capitalism has become more casualised (temporary contracts, flex time, part time, no time!) forcing us to adapt to the point where it's hard to tell when, where or even if we are working. This leaves us in a situation where our lives are always on hold, on call and at the mercy of the market. Our leisure time too is filled with anxieties. The anxiety of not being able to have enough money to pay the rent, go to the cinema, a nice restaurant, shop for food, clothes, anything! In reality our work never finishes and when we're not at work we still end up making some other person even richer.

Around Europe people call this new working and living condition "precarity" and over the past few years the EUROMAYDAY parades of causalised workers, temps, part-timers, immigrants and unemployed have marched through Europe's capitals to demand new social rights for the most marginalised. On MAYDAY 2005 we will add London to this emerging movement.

MAYDAY this year falls on a Sunday, once a day for relaxing, now part of the working week for many people. It's symbollic of how our time is increasingly dominated by work. As part of EUROMAYDAY, our aim is to make MAYDAY this year a day off for everyone. A day when we extend our hand of solidarity over the counter & checkout & learn to live for free. One day less for working, one day more for us! Look out for more info!


To participate in this years MAYDAY action please send your mobile phone number to: and you will be texted one hour before the action starts on MAY 1st!

A second leaflet will be out next week explaining....he heh he

>>GET INVOLVED, we meet every wednesday 7.30pm @ Institute For Autonomy, 76-78 Gower Street, London WC1E //


So anyway I open this debate up.

What do people think of the need of creating a workers day in tune with the experiences and conditions of working class people in 2005 in London?

How can Mayday be reconstructed as a point of struggle for people involved in temp, part-time, insecure jobs as well as for the struggles of immigrants like has happened around Europe?

Why did class struggle anarchists march with stalinists and maoists at lasts years mayday and why did the idea of the "libertarian bloc" for Mayday result in a return for anarchists of marching behind the left?