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Aug 29 2015 02:48
Communist League of Tampa

A new organization has formed in Florida called the Communist League of Tampa, recently. A few friends of mine are involved and I wanted to let people on libcom know about them and perhaps discuss their "points of unity" which I agree with and find interesting.

This is from their website;

We’re a group of internationalist communists in the Tampa area[...] we aim to intervene in and develop local struggles and provide channels for education in communist theory and history[..] we hope to make ties with the broader working class in our area[...]We also aim to start a publication containing commentary on current event[s] and new theoretical work. We are not a self-proclaimed vanguard party and instead see ourselves as a part of a collective project between many groups and tendencies to develop a genuine proletarian movement.

Beyond the local level we aim to coordinate with other groups and committees for the larger project of communist regroupment, eventually forming a nation-wide marxist organization with programmatic unity.

They seek to unite Marxists and others around their "points of unity" which can be found here, each point is a little long, clearly the group has been influenced by left communist tendencies but also a little by 2nd international/pre-1914 German SPD orthodox Marxism as they want to help towards organizing a world party around common points.

I'd love to hear what people think of all this. Also, they are encouraging other groups to unite with them or for other regional groups to form in affiliation with them.

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Aug 29 2015 03:41

I'm a member yo, I think we're an a-ok group. Some of our writings are in libcom.

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Aug 29 2015 05:50

Cool, dawg.

And I didn't realize any stuff was on libcom.

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Jan 7 2019 18:59

This small group now disbanded;

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Jan 7 2019 20:37

Some of the members who runs the old CLT podcast Swampside Chats have gone on to form the group/journal cosmonaut that is also trying to be a part of the organisation Marxist Center.