(CA-USA) Over 100 Attend BBQ Against Attacks on Homeless and Public Space

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Jul 10 2011 22:45
(CA-USA) Over 100 Attend BBQ Against Attacks on Homeless and Public Space

Throughout Saturday, June 9th, over 100 Modestans, both renters, homeless, and mortgage payers, attended a BBQ in Downtown Modesto in defiance of the closure of Paperboy Park (aka Rose Garden Park) and to discuss ways to resist the new ordinances proposed by the Blue Ribbon Commission on Homelessness. Over a year ago, a crowd of about the same size gathered to protest the proposed park closure. Since then, those who originally helped shut down the park have called for even more attacks on public space and the homeless.

Currently, the BRCH would like to have a private security force police the parks, place surveillance cameras throughout, make food sharing a crime, and also centralize all homeless services in one out of the way place. This is coupled by a recent push to keep the homeless from traveling down La Loma Ave between Downtown and the Airport District where the Mission Shelter is located. These attacks represent an attempt to further police and control human movement and make everyday actions a crime (such as sharing food). They are aimed at pushing out the homeless and ultimately all poor people in an attempt to gentrify the area and make it safe for developers and business investors.

Those in attendance discussed plans to resist the proposed ordinances and Modesto Copwatch also gave a presentation on knowing your rights during police encounters and how to document police abuse. Besides the discussion, park goers also enjoyed hot dogs, grilled corn, and BBQ chicken. The event started at 12 noon during the allowed "public" use of the park but lasted until 3pm, two full hours after which it is illegal to use the park. Friendships were strengthened and it was made clear that both homeless and working-class people who are renters or home-owners in the Downtown have common enemies and common interests. Together, we can work together against threats to public space and increased repression.

From: http://www.modestoanarcho.org/2011/07/over-100-attend-bbq-against-attacks-on.html