bank holiday entitlement

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Mar 31 2006 17:05
bank holiday entitlement

If your bank holidays are counted towards your annual leave this is some good news for you.

The Government has announced a crackdown on rogue employers and promised extra holidays for up to two million workers.

Alan Johnson, the Trade and Industry Secretary, said he wanted to make sure that Bank Holidays were not counted as part of workers' annual leave. An estimated two million workers who have the eight Bank Holidays as part of their annual entitlement will benefit.

Mr Johnson's move signalled an increased focus on vulnerable workers and on employers who abused them. Many workers currently have no choice but to include Bank Holidays in their annual entitlement, but this will be outlawed under today's announcement.

Some employers have suggested introducing the measure at a rate of two days a year for four years but the Government is expected to say that it hopes to make the change as soon as it is practical, without damaging employment opportunities.

The minister also unveiled plans to target employers who flouted minimum wage regulations and employment agencies who exploited vulnerable workers.

Discrimination law, redundancy payments and dispute resolution procedures will be reviewed under plans to "lighten the load" for businesses, said Mr Johnson.

"We are honouring the Government's manifesto commitments and giving business certainty over our future plans. We have delivered more people in work and solid economic growth while at the same time achieving a fundamental shift in decent minimum standards in the workplace - and contrary to the doubters, the sky has not fallen in."

A total of 12 measures were published including help to make sure workers know their rights and extra support for vulnerable staff such as low skilled people in migrant communities.

The measures were drawn up by ministers and union leaders before the last General Election and formed part of the so-called Warwick Agreement.