Bang out of Order! - Homeworkers this christmas

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Dec 2 2004 16:57
Bang out of Order! - Homeworkers this christmas

Hopefully a few of us are organising something around this..

Bang out of Order!

Demand Rights & Respect for UK homeworkers this Christmas!

'The Company doesn't care if you are getting rubbish money, as long as you get the work done, you are out of sight out of mind' (UK Homeworker, Sept 2004)

Thousands of UK homeworkers pack, label and assemble many of the Christmas products we buy from major highstreet retailers and supermarkets. Many are not paid the National Minimum Wage, others are denied basic health and safety protection and employment rights, some work late into the night or go for weeks with no income at all. In the lead up to Christmas the National Group on Homeworking (NGH) are therefore launching a campaign to place pressure on the Big 4 supermarkets (Asda, Tesco, Safeway & Sainsbury's) and on National Government to improve the employment rights of thousands of UK homeworkers.