Bakkavor wage negotiation leaflet

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May 28 2017 10:44
Bakkavor wage negotiation leaflet

Leaflet for one of the factories where we are active:


Back in December the GMB put up a notice with fighting words: they were talking about getting £10/hr for us! Pay negotiation meetings have now started but rumours are that the increase will be nothing close to £10. On top of this, last month the ‘houmous crisis’ made national news. Thousands of pots of houmous at the Cumberland site were thrown in the bin. The company swallows this cost, they have the funds…

Line workers at the Bakkavor plants in Lincolnshire get paid £8.07/hr - more than us - for doing the same kind of work. This is in a place where rents are A LOT cheaper than west London. They CAN afford to pay us more, but only if we force them. Otherwise they’ll give us a tiny slice of the cake, like they did for the ‘celebration’ of the audit recently…

Bosses and union people sitting around a table will not get us a good deal. Only us, the workers, can apply real pressure to get what we want. No more asking nicely! The same workers who can create a much bigger crisis than the houmous crisis at Cumberland a month ago...

There is no mention of agency workers in this negotiation either. Why not? We all work hard, they should get the same, otherwise we shoot ourselves in the foot. If they earn less, management will use them to put pressure on the permanents. And what’s all this about a special deal for ‘semi-skilled’ workers (red caps)? We should focus on getting a good deal for everyone. We need unity! After all, making samosas at high speed is a skill too! Or using dangerous chemicals in hygiene! £10/hr minimum for EVERYONE!

* We want meetings open to ALL workers, no matter what type of contract they have.
* We should all vote NO in the ballot and reject their poxy deal if they offer anything under a £2 increase.
* If the pay offer is rubbish, we should immediately stop working overtime for one week. Just one week, it won’t kill us, but it will send a strong message to management that they should not underestimate us. What have we got to lose?
* We should get together with workers from other Bakkavor sites to discuss further actions. Get in touch with us to link up!!