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Jun 15 2010 16:29
Autonomous Students Network

What's happened to this initative, the site appears to be down or is there another?

Caiman del Barrio
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Jun 15 2010 17:47

Exams and holidays (half joking).

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Jun 16 2010 06:52

There is an elist. Though I suspect the group is more an umbrella for radical student groups than anything else.

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Jun 16 2010 09:23

action_now, it's more of an umbrella group for anarchist student groups. However the Sussex uni group was co-organiser of an anti-cuts conference in May.
The e-mail list is here:

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Jun 16 2010 10:12

Yeah it went down a few days ago. This went round on the elist. It was there mainly to hold the forum but the forum wasn't getting much traffic. But it was getting a lot of spam so it's gone now and there's just the elist.

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Jun 16 2010 16:23

Yeah, I used to frequent the messageboard awhile ago but only just realised it was down, after I stopped visiting it.

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Jun 18 2010 16:59

i emailed the guy who admind the website to suggest we set up an ASN blog instead as it would be less maintenance, and to act as a directory for all the different uni groups. The list of groups on the old website was well out of date anyway. Also i think ill suggest the forum gets moved to this website or another where admin is taken care of. Someone suggested libcom be the original host of an ASN section wen the ASN was geting restarted at the anarchist conf, but more than one person seemed to take objection to the idea... As long as childish sniping and pedantic dialogue is kept out of the ASN section then i see no problem with the idea. It makes a lot more sense than having our own spam filled forum that was left advertising pornography, cheap rolexes, and all the other crap

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Nov 17 2011 18:23

There is a meeting this Saturday 19th Nov 2011 2-5 pm at UCL.