Argh they're New Dealing me

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Feb 2 2005 19:18
Argh they're New Dealing me

Any survival tips? My plan so far is to see if I can get on something skivey like New Deal for Musicians.

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Feb 2 2005 19:25

Get a job, you fucking hippy

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Feb 2 2005 19:33

New Deal does sound pretty skivey anyone I know who has done it. Our flatmate did new deal while the Warzone Collective had it's premises and got to work there as part of and I know other dossers in bands that did it and just kept a shit diary to say they were doing shit. Extra 20 quid a week like.

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Feb 2 2005 21:52

If you're not on it yet you can sign off for a month, then make a new claim - if you're already on it this'll take 3 months. You've got a 4 month period before they can force you to do stuff. If you get a jod over 16hrs a week for more than 3 months they give you a few hundred could try and find a legitimate reason to leave after this time then sign on again. (Then take a months break every 6 months (or 3 out of 18 if you're over 25) to avoid such horror in the future....

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Feb 3 2005 13:07

I'd advise you to find as cushy a places as possible for your new deal otehrwise they'll shove you onto some ditch-digging scheme.

Any friendly organisations where you live?

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Ginja ninja
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Feb 3 2005 18:33

I signed up early on the new deal on the promise of a college place but they fucked that up and now i gotta do the shitty 30 hours a week for an extra £15 pw thing, guess i should just get a job? lol did they offer you the cleaning up local estates thing which basically entails picking up needles and sweeping up stuff? (otherwise known as community service) roll eyes

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Feb 3 2005 19:47

Every time I started the "Here's how to get a job" thingy they put you on

I'd get a job.Wouldn't last long!

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Feb 4 2005 03:33

Outdoor work can best be avoided by feigning injury.The doctors used by the dept of work & pensions are very rarely called upon to exam members of the doletariat as they are busy trying to throw thousands of people off 'the sick' & onto the dole.If u really dont like the placement you are given then kleptomania may ensure u dont have to stay for long,actually,any dysfunctional or anti-social behaviour will do the trick but beware of breaking explicit rules as this may lead to censure which allows one third of your dole money to be witheld.Perhaps the best course of action is to stand your ground & only accept a New Deal work placement if it appears to be something u are suited to,dont be bullied into digging ditches if u want to work in a museum,& tell 'em all about ur long criminal record if they try forcing u to work in a shop when u want to be an acrobat.