Appeal for solidarity from striking CNT comrades in Seville

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Aug 12 2005 13:04
Appeal for solidarity from striking CNT comrades in Seville

Sorry for the long cut & paste, but.....

After three months on Strike it is hugely important any kind of support so please, resend this comunicate asking for solidarity with the AUSSA workers.


Information about the AUSSA (Sevilla Municipal Car Crane) conflict

and request for national and international solidarity

More than 90 days of indefinite time strike and there is no sign of a

solution to the conflict affecting to thirty workers.

All the Municipal Car Crane workers began, on the 16th of May, an

indefinite time strike after the sacking of 4 workers and a number of

work sanctions to all the workers that had followed a previous

strike. The indefinite time strike begun because of these reprisals

on the side of the company. The sacked workers have also had a 8 day

hunger strike while locked at the Seville cathedral.

The offer of the company is to admit only 2 of the 4 sacked workers

but under employment and wage suspension for 11 and 25 days,

insisting on the other 2 dismissals. This is totally unacceptable to

the workers and the CNT. The strike was convoked basically to demand

the readmission for all the sacked workers, without counterweight.

Otherwise there is no possible solution.

It is not only the future of these four families that is jeopardised,

but also the one of the entire staff since the plans of the company

in charge of this municipal service and the city council itself, are

to substitute the staff progressively –with an average of 15 years in

the service, the rights acquired with the years and the unlimited

time contracts- by new staff with absolutely precarious conditions,

half of the salary, split working days, temporary contracts, no

social rights at all… and, of course, without union organisation.

Many days of strike already, and no solution in sight. Both the city

council, ruled by PSOE (socialist) and Izquierda Unida (communist),

and the company (AUSSA, with shared capital, public and private) do

not want any solution for these workers; they want casual work and

them to accept a number of conditions that vulnerate their most

fundamental union rights. Meanwhile, these two parties, PSOE and

Izquierda Unida (mostly attached to the Communist Party) support the

dismissals and the sanctions repeatedly.

The summer is here and the situation to maintain the strike becomes

increasingly difficult, given the many days of strike, without

incomes, and because the financial impact to the company is smaller

in summer and so is the media impact to the city council… And as we

see that the conflict is rarefying, it could well be prolonged some

more months. And there is no way back.

In the 60 days of indefinite time strike, a small amount of money has

been given to every worker in order to help them survive; this comes

from the resistance fund where there is a lack of money currently.

The amount shared was not much since most of the workers have family

charges, but it has been enough to maintain the strike in July.

But they also need incomes in August so that the strike can go on. They

are completely decided to not go back to work until the sacked and

retaliated workers are admitted and the precarious work conditions

proposed by the company, Izquierda Unida and PSOE are withdrawn.

With regards actions, every day from Monday to Friday we have

demonstrations and concentrations in the city centre, with traffic

cuts and a lot of noise. And since the 11th of July, a canopy and

tents will be risen at the city council entrance, thus making a

permanent vindication and information post, 24 hours per day, until

the solution of the conflict. We have also convoked car marches and a

big demonstration for the 16th of July, at 11 am to which everybody

is invited.

We have to underline the police prosecution suffered by the workers,

who are continously retained to be identified by the police, one day

after the other, at the daily demonstrations. We know we are being

watched and we cannot make mistakes. Despite this, the actions are


With regards conflict spread, we are carrying out a big propaganda

campaign, as well as daily statements to the burgeois press and alternative

media, and a follow up of the conflict in the webs: and We have also added a signature book

to support the comrades sending support statements through a form we

have prepared.

As for the legal aspect, during this month of July, we have had social or

penal trials against “Crane” comrades almost every day; nevertheless we have

also presented a criminal accussation against the AUSSA manager for

vulnerating the workers strike right.

It is a just strike. It is a supportive strike. And we once again request

for solidarity support from all workers, taking this petition to an

international level also.

Financial support.- we have the following bank account:

2100-2587-86-0110253165 (La Caixa) For transfers from outside Spain,

you need to add the identification prefix ES67

Moral support, sending solidarity statements to the workers and

support comments at the webpage of the conflict.

Presence support, if possible, at the programmed actions. (The next

big demonstration is programmed for the 16th of July at 11 am,

departing from Plaza Nueva)

Send solidarity faxes to the Sevilla City Council and AUSSA with the






The faxes can be sent to:

- City Council: to the attention of the Mayor and the Tenant-Mayor

Government Delegate, to the faxes: 00-34-954 590 163 (Mayor office)

and 00-34-954 505 770 (Governor)

- AUSSA: fax 00-34-954 277 013

Planification of protest actions or personal interviews at the city

councils ruled by PSOE-IU. And at international level, you could

address to the Spanish Embassies and Consulates to demand the

solution of the strike.

Giving a top circulation to the conflict by any available means.

Sending ideas or comments

If there is someone who can get data and interest facts about the

company AZVI, builders, we will appreciate any information since this

company is one of the main shareholders in AUSSA together with the

municipal company for urban transport, TUSSAM, which has got a 51% of the


We will go on reporting about the conflict development and the new

strategies and actions decided by the workers at the union meetings

Further information at, , you can find

information in different tongues as Italian, Turkish, translations to other

languages are wellcome ofcourse so contact with us.

We'll send son e-mails addesses and more information to annoy the company,

also future solidarity events outside Iberia.

Chears and anarcosindicalism


CNT C.N.- 100540


red n black star

Manu Garcia
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Aug 20 2005 02:43

Thanks comrades!

Almost 100 days of strike and our comrades stand strong.

The force of workers solidarity, the force of the anarchism, will triumph again!

Solidarity is needed, they mustn´t walk alone...

Manu Garcia
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Aug 29 2005 17:17

5th September, demostration in Madrid in front of the headquarters of Socialist (PSOE) and Communist (IU) parties (the main responsibles of the situation). The comrades of AUSSA are in strike since more than 100 days ago...

Everyone is invited!

Salud comrades and thanks for your solidarity!

More information: