Aotearoa Dissident Voice # 8 Lives!

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Mar 19 2005 02:41
Aotearoa Dissident Voice # 8 Lives!

ACHUTING! What follows is an experimental reverse non-advertising tactic spearheaded by the New Zealand Anarchists Marketing and Public Relations Cooperative.

Greetings Dissident Voice non-Reader.

Issue 8 of Aotearoa Dissident Voice is NOT out now. It does NOT feature articles on anarcha-feminism and sexism within the anarchist movement. It does NOT have an interview with American Anti-Fascist Michael Staudenmaier, and it certainly NEVER has, not will it EVER have columns by Sam Buchanan or Mr Sterile and D.S Lunchbox. There will be NOTHING on the Freedom Shop’s 10-year anniversary or the Wellington anti-bypass campaign. Dissident Voice is NOT required reading, in fact it’s a SAD waste of paper, it SMELLS, it SUCKS eggs, and even if it WAS out, it would be METAPHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE for it to exist, so you wouldn’t be able to see it anyway.

So if you DON’T want to read the latest issue, DON’T go to to view the PDFs because they DON’T exist either. DON’T even think about looking for it at radical bookshops or universities, and NEVER email the editors on for a free copy, because they’re all bastards, and will probably make rude jokes about your mother.

Love from ADV un-Edcollective.