Anyone heard about this? - anarkagalactica, anarchist network

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Feb 8 2007 23:58
Anyone heard about this? - anarkagalactica, anarchist network

I got sent the following via email and was wondering if anyone had heard about it or knew any thing about it?

english - castellano - francais

----- Forwarded message from marcelo -----
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2007 22:20:31 +0100 (CET)
From: marcelo

Welcome to the Anarchist Network!

Over a hundred anarchists met during the "primer encuentro de los
pueblos zapatistas y los pueblos del mundo" to begin to discuss and look
for common points to promote relations and communication between
anarchist collectives and individuals from all over the world. In these
meetings we decided to put together a global anarchist network
facilitated by an email list, web page, and a bilingual publication.

As repression against social movements in general, and anarchists
specifically, continues to increase in Mexico and all over the world, it
is important for us to support each other while sharing and learning
from our diverse experiences. As they globalize repression and terror we
will comtinue to search for means to globalize resistance and combat the
misery of the state and capitalism. We hope that this network will serve
as a practical tool to communicate, organize and promote international
solidarity amongst anarchists.

From these meetings held during the encuentro we came up with the
following plans/ideas for action:

March 15th: International Day of Action
Coordinate a global day of action against the repressive forces of the
state (police, military, etc...) and for the Freedom of all Political

July 2007: Anarchist Encuentro
The idea was raised to hold an anarchist gathering before the next
"encuentro de los pueblos zapatista con los pueblos del mundo" to be
held in early July. Location and exact dates to be decided.

November 2007: No Border Camp and coordinated global actions
In November 2007 a No Border camp will be held on both sides of the
Mexicali-Calexico section of the Mexican-US border to confront the
issues surrounding this border and the idea of borders and states
worldwide. We discussed coordinating actions world wide around these
dates to focus on the global problem of borders, detention centers and a
world where people are made illegal while capitalism is globalized.
Anarchists from Mexico have also proposed actions highlighting the
Mexico-Guatemala border.
For more information about the Mexicali-Calexico No Border Camp:

This list will be put together in a form that will be open and secure,
the following are some basic guidelines for the email list:

1. If you are going to invite individuals, collectives or groups to join
the list please send an email to the list administrators letting them
know who you invited.

2. Invited individuals, collectives, or groups should write a brief
description of their work, project, collective and where they are
located when they subscribe to the list.

3. If you want to subscribe the list, you need to go on this webpage and
ask for it: or writing to

These are basic guidelines, more specific information will follow.
We are excited to put this network into practice and look forward to it
being a productive tool to coordinate our resistance and promote
solidarity amongst anarchists all over the world!


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Feb 9 2007 16:48

Post edited - this is an english language forum and it was just making your post too long.

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Feb 11 2007 16:13

I don't think it's particularly comradely to have a caucus of this nature in such a blatant fashion, unless the aim is to found an official tendency. I think it devalues the efforts of the EZLN to be honest. It should be called an official tendency and this would clear up some of the nasty, parasitical-looking ambiguity.