Animal Rights and Mental Health, using one to protest the other.

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Animal Rights and Mental Health, using one to protest the other.

The Mental Health victims can no longer achieve such things as hunger strikes, suicides, martyrdom, anything against self as that will further incarcerate them. The only possible method left is retaliation which has been in the news a few types which only goes on the incriminate the mentally ill.

Any form of protest is nudged aside and long court battles eschew.simply due to it being like protesting against McDonalds in the public eye. The only other issue which measures up to it is the atrocities committed against animals without the public blinking an eye due to our need to or adaptation to eat meat. With advertising to help animals getting nowhere other than make better efficient the slaughtering houses and keeps animals domesticated due to it's softy approach rather than making it like advertising cigarettes or something where advertisers must with their advertisement advertise the affects of their business, this doesn't necessitate the same medical slant towards any animals health as was the medical slant against our health for cigarettes.
Merely an acknowledgement that the violence is real. For example this is quick edit of mine I swapped the word he man word unbeatable to beatable to be from the cattle's perspective however imagine the wording to the edited song was better congruent to the advertisement when imagining 'beat' meant to beat with say beat cattle with a rod to get them moving when listening to my edited clip, just bear with me if it seems silly, I'll explain myself in the following paragraph, thanks: Hungry Jacks - Beatable -

It takes a bit of imagination I know because the imagery doesn't match, it might seem also where adverts along such lines to send a disastrous message or just a tad silly (you can imagine all sorts of thinks it isn't straight forward enough, you could imagine the bun needs beating to get it to a more bite size level) however what it does if it were made properly would portray the beating of cattle (which is how someone does become beatable by beating others even literally at times be in under such circumstances) so what it does is make us recognize our cruelty even if we don't have a problem with such cruelty than playing violent video games it will reflect peoples true nature against those animals in contrast of our own illusions of our unbeatable nature were the advert properly done along those lines where we tell this is what our Whoppers say from the perspective of the steers and liken it to our having to beat the buns so as to be bite size so saying the unbeatable burger has to be beaten to be eaten. I don't know I'm grasping at straws here but you get my drift that we beat the cattle. If such advertisements had with it a more relatable theme such as say you had black steers, Johnny's Cash's Man in Black, "everyday we lose a thousand fine young men." this wouldn't be allowed, it's far too controversial however you get what I'm saying.

I might not be taken seriously after displaying that clip however what I'm getting at is for mental health these people aren't believed, people think they are lying about the perilous nature and pain of their predicament as well as their disorientated nature to reality being in most likelihood the bodies natural healing mechanism for example instead of trying to decrease dopamine levels perhaps they should listen to the bodies elevated level of dopamine and raise dopamine by giving them chocolate or something because broken hearts require raised dopamine levels and listening to a woman in the mental hospital this is what she was telling me that what was needed was love and that implies raising the dopamine.

Thereby something radical needs to be done to show these people are ice cold, the truth needs to be told, like animal welfare lovey dovey advertisements whilst I'm grateful for all the love towards the issue isn't enough and domestication of animals will just continue along more efficient slaughtering housing being instigated. Reforms are what happened when Nellie Bly who wrote Ten Days in a Madhouse published her work and did manage to get the truth told where their reforms were strictly against what she had said in her article that those people were as sane as you and I. All these people can be expected to do is make reforms then carry out their practices of medical treadmills. The truth needs to be shown however so as to get to the level of the kind of sympathy given towards animals and one radical way of doing this is putting down, where legal,, animals unnecessarily in protest by the sufferers for each day they don't do something to fix the problem. For the problem is the cold heartedness of the hospitals and this needs to be put on display. where leaving room to raise the bar on what is displayed with animals so as it doesn't become a regular ritual such as the quantity eradicated each day for this is a serious issue, people are being tortured here, it is much like how we torture refugees. Killing feral animals of course so as not to have ourselves seen as cruel, doing the 'ethical' thing in protest however..

For these mental health victims are in truth being treated with the same legal rights as animals and so will we be too in future if things don't change for the pharmaceutical industry is already merging with the pesticide giants such as Monsanto. The ethics of hospitals is dangerous, ethics isn't morality, it is a system based on philosophical thought and can be argued for quantitatively for the greatest number of benefactors at the expense of others for just look at how we are allowed to experiment on rats and mice because a philosophy says our lifestyles are more valuable than they.

When my dad was starving as a child in India the school teachers would blame the parents should the children be starving, which made him stay silent about his ordeal. It is impossible to know where to lay the blame in such situations, we find ourselves focusing on whoever is in charge be it the parents or the Government, whoever we think rules or Governs the world.

To think that we humans are the one's in charge of the planet however isn't true and until we recognize that we aren't the overlords, the parents, the rulers of the planet then we will fail to recognize that what can happen to the animals can happen to us, should anyone of us decide to take on that role as the guardians of us and of our planet.

We flake at the sight of the Chinese eating dogs, looking at the supermarket shelves however and seeing the meat, it isn't a joke to imagine ourselves on the shelves for we are in an age ruled by ethics. I watched a movie once about a plane crash and the deciding factor was whether people decided to eat the dead bodies or not. They say when you're starving you will eat anything, this isn't true, for example Queen Victoria remarked about the fatness of the dogs during the Irish famine.

We croak about humanely killing our domestic animals whilst we mass produce their consumption, of what purpose is being humane to them in life if their purpose is designated as food for us? No people should be allowed to decide for what purpose we live or die or that any life ought to be futile as a role played only in servitude to the success of those it does not share the bounty. If our natural killers are pests and diseases why then are all these problems man made? Plagues only arise when life is overproducing unnaturally of a crop or food which becomes food to say mice.

We look at the planet and think this is chaos, this is a mess, when will people ever get along. Looking at horizontal agreement however bypasses the fact that horizontal disagreements aren't the problem, it is our subjugation of what we perceive as our lessers which is the problem and at the moment with artificial intelligence in the limelight for that is where we are progressing the mentally ill, those perceived of as being less mentally intelligent or capable, the animals included are all subject to abuse or continued abuse and the number of us seen as mentally ill is soaring. Let me share if I may my favourite poem, Auguries of Innocence by William Blake: