Anarchist Initiatives

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Jan 23 2019 00:17
Anarchist Initiatives

Last year I got heavily into searching the web for anarchist and far left sites and ended up making a large (1000+ entries) spreadsheet with the info i collected. Me and a friend have been slowly working up the code to make this into a searchable website, but in the meantime 500+ entries remain uncategorised, new sites are created all the time and the work that's been done is steadily going out of date.

Is there anyone out there who'd like to help work the project up? You'll need Google Chrome (for the built in translate function) and broadband that doesn't totally suck. You can find the database by logging into zoho docs with:

password: Revolutionisnow2018


P.s. - if you have a site that you think is new, please search the database for the key parts of the URL first - e.g. libcom for - to make sure it's not already on there. Cheers!

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Jan 24 2019 18:26

Hi Comrades,

Nice work there, that must've taken some time. Just been looking through the sites, checking out the radio stations. looks like you could add too? can't find it in there.

I'll see if there is any other stuff that comes to mind that fits the bill.