Anarchism at the Radical Independent Bookfair, Glasgow

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Anarchism at the Radical Independent Bookfair, Glasgow

Glasgow's Radical Independent Book-fair project...

...supporting small press publishers and independent
producers...circulating radical reading materials and information...


SAT 23rd - AUGUST- 2008

11am - 9pm

CCA - 350 Sauchiehall Street - city centre - Glasgow.

stalls / resources / videotheque / events

FREE entry

for more info on RIB and a full set of links go to

Glasgow's Radical Independent Bookfair project (RIB) has been
co-ordinating events since October 2006... helping to fill the gap left
by the lack of alternative bookshops, radical events and platforms for
imaginative and independent voices in our city.


the RIB project
CCA1 - foyer space

This Book-fair has more in common with a wee bookshop than a large book
festival. The stalls cover a number of publishers and presses in an
eclectic mix. We stock various books, pamphlets, magazines, newspapers,
dvd’s, cd’s, badges, cards and t-shirts. At this summer event there is
not a lot of space so we won’t have any guest publishers or local
groups. However we will still have the mini videotheque - a bank of
documentary films including a selection from previous Document:
International Human Rights Documentary Film Festivals. Titles that you
can select from and watch with headphones on individual monitors. There
is also the listening post where you can hear a variety of interesting
lectures, talks, discussions and a bit of music too - the backbone of
this CD collection is almost every title published by AK Press Audio.
The reading room is an ongoing collection of current and older
counter-culture newsheets and bulletins, these help form a
representation of radical and autonomous publications.
You can also drop off or take away materials at the info point - a table
or two of free things - a mixture of flyers, leaflets, newsheets,
stickers, cards and other items.




1.00pm - 4.00pm
Learning From 1968... to the Present
CCA4 - cinema space

Recent media reports on the 40th anniversary of the student protests of
1968 recalled students' discontent with class inequalities, civil rights
and the increasing beureaucratic control of education. In 2008, in the
grip of neoliberalism, recession, temporary contracts, job losses and
increasing emphasis on 'employability' in education, it has been
reported that today's students no longer want to change society or the
education system, but instead just want their education to enable them
to get good enough jobs so they can pay their rent. The August RIB will
host a symposium that looks at these and other issues surrounding how
education policy and practice has developed and changed over the last 40
years, and student/teacher responses to them.
This will include a panel of speakers from various education sectors.

For more information contact the organiser, Angie at


It's 2008 Not 1968! : Class Struggle Anarchism In The Here And Now
CCA4 - cinema space

Hosted by the Anarchist Federation
A brief presentation on Class Struggle Anarchism followed by an open
discussion on what Anarchism means to us and what it means in twenty
first century Glasgow.


The Armenian, Assyrian, Greek, Kurdish and 'Other' Genocides: The
Politics of Genocide Recognition and Denialism
CCA4 - cinema space

Written by Desmond Fernandes and with a foreword by Tove
Skutnabb-Kangas, this is the second in a series of three books on the
Armenian, Assyrian, Greek, Kurdish and Greek Cypriot Genocides, and the
politics of denialism.

In recent years, … even as there has been greater international public
recognition of the Armenian, Assyrian, Greek, Kurdish and ‘Other’
genocides (as a consequence of concerted initiatives by concerned
individuals, Armenian, Assyrian, Greek and Kurdish communities and other
people and organisations interested in exposing and confronting
international genocidal crimes), certain governments, politicians,
academics and lobbying groups have mobilized (and often collaborated
with each other) to engage in denialism of these “events” due not to
genuine uncertainty about the fate of these targeted “peoples/groups”,
but to advance cynical personal and/or nationalist and/or
geopolitical/economic/ideological agendas …


The next RIB after this will be at DOCUMENT 6 - CCA - 16th - 19th OCT


Within Britain, Scotland and specifically Glasgow there are fewer and
fewer outlets for independent and radical materials. Corporate bookshops
rule the roost and offer little in the way of counter culture, radical
voices or local independent materials. The Radical Independent Book-fair
project (RIB) has come about to help redress this imbalance. RIB is a
support structure for a number of individuals and groups who produce
publications, information and materials for sale, view and free
distribution. The project is self-financed by the participants, no
public or corporate monies are involved, no one takes a wage, it is not
party politically aligned and is autonomous from other organisations.
The project is more than an occasional bookshop and travelling
bookstall: it is also a temporary library, a videotheque, a meeting
point (for discussion, distribution and ideas), as well as a place to
come and have a coffee and a blether.

The RIB started in October 2006 and since then has held over 25 events
(some big, some small) including collaborations with film festivals,
screenings, conferences, talks, punk gigs, and reshuffles! using a range
of venues (including Kinning Park Complex, the Centre for Contemporary
Arts, Pearce Institute, Nice N Sleazy, STUC, GFT, Friends Meeting House,
Glasgow and Strathclyde Universities). It is planned as a long term
project to assist others through the ideas of mutual aid and solidarity
- if you have materials you would like us to help you distribute and/or
if you want to collaborate on an event with us and/or you have or know
of a free (or cheap) venue we could use in the future and/or if you
would be able to help us with general publicity - please do get in touch.