24th June, Greenford: Film Screening and Wage Recovery Action

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Jun 15 2016 12:40
24th June, Greenford: Film Screening and Wage Recovery Action

Film Screening / Discussion Meeting and Wage Recovery Action in Greenford 24th/25th of June 2016

Dear all,

Leave or remain - the shit will hit the fan and the struggle continues!

We would like to invite you to our monthly film-screening in Greenford, this time a post-referendum one. Particularly for this occasion we thought some short films on the recent protests in France and a documentary about a strike in a special economic zone in Poland will be the right way to express our two-fingers-in-the-air attitude towards the whole national state circus!

In our attempts to forge some proletarian internationalism we will have a comrade from Germany visiting us who is taking part in the coordination of Amazon workers’ organising in Germany and Poland - he will be happy to share his experiences!

We will have a little after-party, preparing us mentally and physically for a nearby unpaid wages recovery action the following morning: one of us hasn’t been paid by the street-cleansing contractor Amey. Folks who want to come to both meeting and the action are welcome to stay at our place in Greenford.

Friday, 24th of June, 7pm
Greenford Park Residents’ Hall, 18 Queens Avenue, UB6 9BX

Saturday, 25th of June, 6am
Greenford Depot, Greenford Road, UB6 9AP

If you know that you can make it, please let us know, so we can plan ahead a bit!

With love,

some AngryWorkers