May Day Conference - Brisbane

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Feb 2 2013 01:38
May Day Conference - Brisbane

To our friends and comrades
May Day has long been an important day for the workers’ movement. A day to celebrate and commemorate the struggles for the eight hour day and it serves as a time for all of us to gather together to strength our links of solidarity. This year May Day takes on a special significance as the removal of the Labour Day holiday is a direct effort by the State government to disorganise the working class and dissolves our culture of struggle.

We in the recently-formed May Day Group (formed out of the Trade Union Defence Committee, which supported building workers at the Children's Hospital in their dispute with AbiGroup last year) want to contribute to this year’s May Day and are reaching out to others who may want to work with us.
We plan to organise a concert on Friday 3rd and a conference and day of discussion on the 4th, prior to the QCU-organised march which is now planned for Sunday 5th May.

It is proposed that the concert on the 3rd will be held in the framework of the regular Foco Nuevo concert organised by Sue Monk and Lachlan Hurse, in Kurilpa Hall, in West End. Through their efforts Foco Nuevo has come to provide a space for celebration of working class culture in a context which values artistic creativity on its own terms, and should provide a basis for a successful evening. This should extend and continue the tradition established with the May Day concerts organised in recent years.
Our plan for the conference is that it be of a different type than the usual conferences of ‘The Left’. We plan to have three elements to this day of discussion: labour history, discussions on the state of struggle in Australia, the latest tactics being used by capital and how workers and their organisations are responding, and sessions where workers themselves discuss the nature of their work and their experiences. Our hope is that we can bring together workers of all whatever collar colour together to speak about their conditions and bridge many of the divisions that are set up between us.
We would love if others would like to help us with these efforts. To that end we are calling a general organising meeting at 6pm on 7th February at 69 Thomas St West End. We would love to see you there.
- The May Day Group.

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Mar 4 2013 03:55

B.H proposed that we just have a public social gathering on the 1st in somewhere like King George Square. I think it is an awesome idea, just not much spare energy around to organise it.

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Mar 21 2015 06:37

One of the campaigns they would like Australian anarchists to start supporting, is against the Australian mining companies that are destroying the environment in the south. It is not an easy campaign for the locals there ,

because life is cheap, and it costs about $100 au to pay for a 'hit' on any effective local activist. More on this in due time.