Beyond Resistance, Everything! Book launch & Video Link up

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Sep 15 2008 12:18
Beyond Resistance, Everything! Book launch & Video Link up

BEYOND RESISTANCE, EVERYTHING! Book launch & Video Link up

Launching & Celebrating the New Book
An interview with Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos, EZLN.
By El Kilombo Intergalactico

September 20th, 12pm
Ahimsa House
26 Horan St, West End
$5 suggested donation – No one turned away all welcome!

This unique interview with the Zapatista spokesperson and military commander, Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos, was created and conducted by a community assembly in Durham, North Carolina, as a direct conversation between people in struggle in the United States and the EZLN. A year into the Zapatista Other Campaign in Mexico, this conversation marks a moment of change and transformation in how the EZLN has seen and spoken about the possibility of alternative politics in the US and the role of migrants, people of colour, and others from below in creating such a politics.

Video link up with:
El Kilombo Intergalactico, North Carolina. El Kilombo formed as a collective around the war on Iraq. Influenced by the Zapatista struggle, they opened a community space in their town Durham. They actively followed the Other Campaign in Mexico from 2005 to 2006, and have now published this awesome and rare interview with Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos.

The Centre for Political Analysis and Socio-Economic Investigations (CAPISE) in Chiapas, Mexico will be talking about the latest attacks on Zapatista communities, paramilitary organisation in Chiapas and militarization in line with neoliberal reforms and the free trade agenda in the region.
Promedios: Since 1998 Promedios has been working with Zapatista Communities. Based in San Cristobal, Chiapas, they work on developing autonomous media centres from which indigenous peoples in resistance can represent themselves. The organisation originated as an important experiment in bi-national solidarity, with Chiapas Media Project based in Chicago. Today, Promedio's work involves working closely with Zapatista Good Government Councils and media makers, particularly the younger generations who have grown up with media as an integral part of coordination between communities in resistance and reclaiming indigenous identities

A speaker from the Mexico-Australia Solidarity Network(MASN) will also give a report back on the current situation in Mexico, where the Other Campaign is at and what progress has been made, political prisoners from Atenco (who’ve just been sentenced) and the recent attacks against the Zapatistas. And we are keen to discuss what we can do in terms of solidarity from Australia!

There´ll be books for sale, all profits raised will go to the Zapatista Good Government Councils.

Please don’t be late, due to the link-ups with Mexico and the US the
crew over there will be up very late at night to talk with us!

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Sep 21 2008 12:55

Thanks for putting this on, the link up went suprisingly well!

What do people think about this book so far? I wasn't too impressed with the blanket critique of anarchism in the Power/power section. I also noticed (as was said) that the 'rebel' section is the shortest - I guess coming from a Zapatismo 'no-blueprint' viewpoint this makes sense; each area of the globe must organise according to their own unique situation. Other than that the book's really succinct on it's critique of neoliberalism - one of the shortests and most coherent i've read. I'm not yet up to the interview.

The news overall from Chiapas was pretty disheartening - I hope the para/military groups 'divide and conquer' approach doesn't work.
By the way, to the person who did the link up and was translating - your zine was great.

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Sep 25 2008 08:33

Hi All

Well I agree with the critique of anarchism - so I liked that

Overall I think the book is excellent. A group of us are meeting on Monday to discuss about maybe cohering some kind of 'thing' around Other Politics, the books, struggle in Mexico. PM me if you want the details
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Jan 12 2012 17:48

I see that this book has been separately posted to the library without any further critical comment.

The international working class and indigenous peasant communities may share the same enemy in global capitalism and it's various nation states and there are inspirational aspects to the particular struggle of the Chiapas Indian communities (as assisted by the EZLN) against the Mexican State and corporate commecialism, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the form and content of their struggle can be transferred to that of the working class or that the EZLN's political agenda is one that can claim relevance to working class struggle still less that it marks any genuinely 'new' approach.

The EZLN political, social and particularly economic programme that has been progressively rolled out in Chiapas far from being new and a departure from the traditions of previous socialist and anarchist movements seems much in keeping with the federative, co-operative programmes associated with the 'building socialism within the shell of capitalism' of a previous era and now mostly regarded as, at best, outdated by todays pro-revolutionary communists. In other respects too it is similar to past ideas of territorial expansion of socialism alongside a trading relationship with capitalism.Even if it may have some relevance to communities in similar situations as a defensive measure it does not pose any 'in principle' threat to the established functioning of global capitalism whatever problems it might cause at present for the Mexican state.

The 6th Declaration and some of the language used by Marcos in this interview might suggest a move towards a broader anti-capitalist, if not actually communist politics, but Marcos is a master at saying 'everything and nothing' and tayloring his words to particular auidiences he is appealing to. Now that might be justified from his and the Chiapas communities perspective as a means of gathering allies and solidarity in their defense against the murderous Mexican state but we should doubt whether this turn is anything more than superficial in content.

See this for instance, writtent perhaps around the same time by the Mexican based Libertarian Socialist Group:

Critiques of the EZLN politics from an earlier period can be found in articles such as:

'Behind The Balaclavas of South-East Mexico' and others from Wildcat and TPTG etc listed in the libcom library alongside a more detailed analytical piece entitled: 'A Commune in Chiapas' that appeared in Aufheben No 9 also in the library here.