Aotearoa: Spies caught infiltrating activist groups

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May 28 2007 09:56
Aotearoa: Spies caught infiltrating activist groups

The Christchurch Save Happy Valley (SHV) group, the Wellington Animal Rights Network (WARN) and Peace Action Wellington (PAW) have exposed corporate spies operating within their groups. In Christchurch, Ryan had been involved in the group for 7 months, while in Wellington Somali had been spying for around 2 years.

The pair were employed by Thompson & Clark Private Investigations Limited, an Auckland firm that specialises in "covert physical and electronic surveillance" and "political activism". In Ryan's case, the money came from Solid Energy, while in Somali's, it was likely to be the NZ Biotech Industry for WARN and the NZ Defence Industry Association for PAW.

Frances Mountier, spokesperson for SHV Christchurch, said "It is shocking that a state owned enterprise would use such insidious and underhand tactics to undermine the public debate on climate change".

"Thompson & Clark are a leech-like company, feeding off political groups while making sure not to kill their main source of income" stated WARN spokesperson Mark Eden. "Companies that abuse animals like to keep their practices their dirty little secret, and it seems they will sink to any low to keep it that way."

Peace Action Wellington has expressed solidarity with the other groups. "This corporate infiltration and spying combined with the spying and violence of the police is part and parcel of speaking out in this so called "democratic" State. We wish to extend our solidarity towards those other groups infiltrated seeking to do the same".

The Save Happy Valley Coalition has previously exposed Thompson & Clark on two occassions - in February 2006, people at the Happy Valley occupation came accross two T&C spies on a ridgeline overlooking the campsite, while in September 2006 a camera with a powerful zoom lens was discovered at the start of the track into the Valley.

Taken from:
Aotearoa Indymedia

Press releases:
Peace Action Wellington
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Wellington Animal Rights Network
Alliance Party
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More Media
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May 28 2007 10:25

His full name and photo was published in the NZ Herald - hope people give the fucker shit

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May 29 2007 02:34

He at least has admitted (somewhat) to what he did, although him lying to the media is digging himself an even bigger hole. Somali on the other hand has gone to ground and according to her sister has left the country. People in Wellington are fgoing to have fun trying to track down who was her paymaster

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Jun 7 2007 10:08

I got talking to this girl at a bar who worked for a corporate intelligence firm, who monitored and infiltrated political groups. Staff there were never allowed to know who the clients were, but they knew which groups they were monitoring, obviously. She told me her firm was involved with Campaign Against the Arms Trade, who sacked a worker they claimed was a spy, though some of his friends also involved didn't believe it. I don't know either way... he seemed like a nice enough bloke. Drove me and another guy to a PGA conference in Holland. But who can tell...

Actually I think OliverTwister here went out with a girl who turned out to be a cop or something. Maybe I'll start a thread...

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Jun 7 2007 10:25

there was something involving corporate intelligence groups that was uncovered in the anti-EDO thing, a judge ordered disclosure and all of a sudden 20+ cases were dropped by the CPS to avoid disclosure

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Jun 8 2007 02:07

Yeah it happens more often than we would like to think, the instances I know of off the top of my head are:

a christchurch activist center, we traced a bug but never found it (we knew to a general area but weren't willing to go bust up walls) the device left after we started talking about getting a machine in to fry it.

a person in volved in christchurch group CAFCA, caught an SIS agent inside their house.

a person was busted spying on the 81 springbok tour protests - to this day this person has never named by the organising group....

A christchurch building used to plan some animal rights demo's was bugged and bug never found.

A local anarchist historian has the memiors of an old stalinist who admitted to being an informant for the SIS from the 50's through to the 70's - apparently he wasn't the only informant around in those days

Then of course there was the rainbow warrior bombing were french agents infiltrated greenpeace then bombed the rainbow warrior murdering one of it crew.

I'm sure there a many others and it amases me how lax many local people are when it come to security culture