Free Lunch Paid For By New Deal......But We're Not Invited.

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Nov 29 2004 17:58
Free Lunch Paid For By New Deal......But We're Not Invited.

Free Lunch Paid For By New Deal......But We're Not Invited.

Celebration Menu

Thai fish cakes served in crocks

Chipolatas served in crocks

Apricots wrapped in bacon

Brie and leek tartlets

Smoked Salmon triple, decker

Smoked meat pin wheel

Quails Eggs bread crumbed

Tapinade on crostini

Baby profiteroles

Lemon meringues

1 pm Monday 29th

November Hotel Sch,

Norwich City College,

Ipswich Road, Norwich


This 'free lunch' is one of many where managers at the job

centre, agencies and industry can get together and dine for

free while we are left to survive on Aldis baked beans.

Not Enough Money!

We are constantly told that there is not enough money to

pay for pensions and benefits but there seems to be plenty to -

spend on war, MPs pay rises and quail's eggs. They are now telling us they do not have enough money to pay the people in the job centres and that all claims will be dealt with at a faceless call centre.

Helping The Unemployed!

The public face of the Job Centre, Colleges and other agencies is that they are there to help the unemployed. In fact their role is to provide employers with a stream of able and 'willing' workers so that fat cats can enjoy their massive pay rises while keeping the wages of the workers at minimum wage levels. On top of this many of the large employers get paid millions for taking on people under New Deal.

Unemployment - Big Business!

A whole industry has arisen out of the needs of the unemployed. Endless projects arise and disappear and big money is to be made out of providing course to 'help us' back to work. With nearly £800 million being spent on New Deal every year, us - the claimants - don't see a penny of it or get the chance to find out what the fuck Tapinade on Crostini are!

Norwich Anarchists

Having only just been informed of this 'free lunch', the above leaflet was quickly put togethor and handed out at the job centre in Norwich today. The general consensus was 'We hope they choke on it'!

Managers and staff were quick to threaten that the police would be called if two activists didn't refrain from handing the leaflets out, as they were intimidating and annoying members of the public.

We were quick to point out that the looks of anger on peoples faces and comments of 'we should string the bastards up' were directed at them and not us!

Five hundred leaflets were distributed.