EASF in Norwich

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May 9 2005 19:17
EASF in Norwich

The next exciting installment of the East Anglian Social Forum has been confirmed.

The EASF is an open space for left-wing people of all hues to meet, greet and co-operate. Based on the aims of the World and European social forums, EASF is a venue for the discussion, mutual learning and problem solving of current affairs affecting East Anglia and beyond.

The forum has two talks booked, about the rise and potential impact of Nanotechnology and the situation in Palestine. A full schedule will appear on the EASF site later.

Place: United Reform Church, Norwich

Time: 1pm-6pm

Date: Saturday 28th May

See also: www.easf.org.uk

Contact: tom.s@softhome.net

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May 12 2005 13:04

The Pottergate Ska Bar, Norwich


'Lots of people and sounds from 20 years ago. Remembering not only the events of the day but all the other struggles that were going on at the time such as the Great Miners Strike. We hope all attending the EASF can come along.'