Winstanley film at University of Northampton

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Mar 21 2007 10:35
Winstanley film at University of Northampton

I see from the forum that Winstanley has played recently in Northampton. Anybody who missed it first time round or would like to see it again, it will be playing at the University of Northampton on the 25th April as a commemoration of the Wellingborough Diggers. Full details below:

Northamptonshire’s history and political traditions will be commemorated and celebrated on film at the University of Northampton on 25th April. The Cinema@Avenue will be showing Kevin Brownlow and Andrew Mollo’s historical, documentary drama, Winstanley, which tells the story of the 17th Century Diggers and their leader Gerrard Winstanley.

Winstanley was a political visionary and the Diggers the radical group he founded. Their message that the earth is ‘a common treasury’ establishes them as political forebears to, the contemporary environmental and anti-capitalist movement, as well as modern socialists and anarchists.

Not content just to talk and write about political ideas Winstanley and the Diggers put their thoughts into practice and set up a colony on the commons of St. George’s Hill in Surrey in 1649, in the wake of the English Civil War. They aroused the hostility of the powerful and propertied classes, and were subject to law suits as well as physical attacks and intimidation. In the end they were dispersed but their ideas were carried around the country, inspiring a Digger colony on Bareshanks common in Wellingborough in 1650.

The showing of Winstanley offers a timely moment to recall England’s radical and democratic heritage, and Northampton’s contribution to it, especially in the light of the current debates about English identity.

Brownlow and Mollo’s film, which looks specifically at the period of the Surrey Diggers film, is a masterpiece of British documentary realism. Made during the 1960s on a shoestring budget and with a largely amateur cast, it strives tirelessly for historical authenticity. Yet underlying its documentarist ambitions is often haunting beautiful and poetic film.

The film will be introduced and there will be an opportunity for a short discussion afterwards. It is recommended that any one interested arrives in good time.

The film will be shown at Cinema@Avenue (located in the main mall, University of Northampton, St George’s Avenue, Northampton)
Date: 25th April
Time: 7.30pm
Price: Full £5.50 Concessions £4.30