window scams

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Mar 18 2006 13:12
window scams

people ripping off elderly people living alone for thousands for replacement windows and then running off with the money. this happened to my mum and she lost a lot of money which was the lump sum she got on retirement. she tried to persue it through the courts and even did some digging and found out where he lived and went round (my mums hardcore 8) ) but has run up into a brick wall cause the guys protected his assets so on paper he has nothing (his lovely house belongs to his wife roll eyes )

i just heard from my mum that the same thing has happened to her neighbour who is again an elderly woman on her own. my mums been round this morning and peggy is crying and really shocked cause the bastards scammed all the money from her bank account.

i was wondering how widespread this sort of shit is and what might be done to warn elderly vulnerable people. the police aren't interested because its not theft apparently and the only option is courts which as my mums experience shows didn't work either. i was thinking maybe of a warning leaflet across the area (which is whalley range). its no good saying to people to check their credentials out cause my mums scammer had all the right stuff written onto its paper but when we looked into it, it was all old membership of various professional bodies and most people just dont go digging that far, they just look at the official logo of the builders association or whatever, before handing over money..

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Mar 18 2006 15:48

leaflet sounds a good idea. I'm sure we can all rally round.

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Mar 18 2006 19:37

thats awful, sorry to hear lucy82.

would it be worth it to give a ring to manc evening news if they would be up for a story about this?

if the address is known, perhaps it should be publicised widely...

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Mar 18 2006 20:55

the problem with publising it is that it happened to my mum a while ago and with peggy she is really embarassed and humilated and doesn't want anyone to know cause she feels shes been so stupid. he made a big show of coming to do the windows at the back. came with a mate. dug all the putty out of the windows so hes left the windows all loose and insecure and shes scared because of that too. then he left his mate and took £1,000 off her to go and get the window and never came back. His mate waited at the house for five hours and was well pissed off so looks like he wasn't in on it. He said he owed him two days work. I hope if he sees him again he breaks his legs.

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Mar 19 2006 21:52

contact trading standards

they were starting a campaign a few months back about this kind of thing

sorry to hear about your mum lucy x