UMSU Students not profit demo May 1st

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Apr 27 2007 15:38
UMSU Students not profit demo May 1st

Got this in my e-mail, anyone up for going?

Event Info Name: Free Education May Day Rally
> Tagline: Students Not Profit - People Not Concrete
> Host: UMSU
> Type: Causes - Protest
> Time and Place Date: Tuesday, May 1, 2007
> Time: 12:00pm - 2:00pm
> Location: University of Manchester Students Union
> Street: Oxford Road
> City/Town: Manchester
> Demonstrate on May 1st for the right to a Free Education for all. The
> right to
> education is a fundamental human right - it is not decided by race,
> religion or class. March on 1st May to defend our Education here in
> Manchester
> and as part of a day of struggle all over the world.
> Another Education is Possible. Another World is Possible.
> _______________________________________________
> racism and war. May Day is about celebrating another sort of world -
> One based
> around the traditions of the struggle for democracy, human rights and
> The TUC has called a national day of action to defend public services
> protests outside schools, hospitals and alongside the civil service
> Our University,
> We're spending millions on new buildings and flashy advertising while
> teaching
> time, contact hours and staff conditions are being reduced. Staff are
> offered redundancy as part of an agenda for cutting services aimed at
> creating
> a more profitable University. Stand up for people not concrete, an
> based on staff and students learning together - not an exam treadmill
and a
> paid for qualification.
> Our Voice,
> Students have grouped together to campaign for a free education,
> against climate
> change, racism and war. Our protest is a united action by many
societies and
> groups with different aims and campaigns coming together to stand up
> Students Not Profit.
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Apr 27 2007 15:41

Should be a good noisy demo, have a good time