AF Meeting, Manchester, 15th March Ecology and Class

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Mar 5 2007 20:27
AF Meeting, Manchester, 15th March Ecology and Class

We're having our next meeting at the Basement on 15th March, starting 7.30 pm

The format for the meetings is as follows:
about 45 minutes business, then the rest of the meeting is open for political discussion, the topic agreed in advance.

This time, it's Ecology and Class.

The business will include the usual discussion of Defy ID activity in Manchester and the mechanics of starting a local anarchist newssheet.

Meetings are open to all.

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Mar 16 2007 12:16

OK. Following on JDMFs reports of Solfed's meetings, I thought it'd be useful to give a brief run down of what happened at our meeting last night. To start with there were 14 people present. This is in line with previous sessions. Raeding JDMFs reports of SF meetings is equally encouraging as we are beginning to see well attended anarchist meetings in Manchester now.

We divide our meetings into two sessions - business first, then discussion second.

The main focus of the business session was whether we should attend the Stop the Warmongers demo this Saturday. There was some concern about the politics behind it, particularly with reference to the slogan about the Iraqi Peoples Resistance. Despite our concerns about this we thought it worthwhile to attend. So some of us will be along with flags, Resistance and various leaflets etc. We hope that Solfed will be there too. It's always easier when there are more of us!

We're in the middle of putting together a CD to raise money for Defy ID. There was a little discussion about it's progress. We aim to get it out for Mayday.

We're also planning a benefit gig to raise money for the protests at G8.

We explained to non-members present why we want them to join the AF and what it involves.

We had a discussion on Ecology and Class. The introduction focussed on the effects of humans on the environment and how the arrivalof capitalism had led to a huge acceleration in destruction. We talked about the way capital's blind drive for expansion led to most of this destruction and gave examples. We talked about a couple of ways that workers have fought back. We insisted that the fight against environmental destruction is a class issue, not an issue of individuals deciding to be nice. The discussion then moved on to talk about ways capitalism destroys the planet and alternatives.

Next meeting is in a fortnight at the Basement - the 29th March.

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Mar 16 2007 13:32

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