Under the Pavement, Manchester's radical radio show, 13/12

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Dec 4 2004 13:01
Under the Pavement, Manchester's radical radio show, 13/12

Tune in to Under the Pavement, Manchester's radical radio show, from 9.00pm until 11.00pm on Monday 13th December 2004 on ALL FM 96.9 across south Manchester.

Guests include Musheir El-Farra who is involved in the Sheffield Palestinian Solidarity Campaign and made a video "Voices Through The Rubble" about a trip to Palestine.

Our second guest is Ria Bright, a local singer/ songwriter, who is putting on a series of showcase gigs in Manchester featuring original rock and folk bands plus acoustic singer songwriters.

Plus the usual eclectic mix of alternative music, chat, the round up of news from Indymedia, the Networking Newsletter What's On and the gig guide.

This is our last show before Christmas/ New Year and as we are full of the Christmas (CrassMass) spirit we'll be running a competition where you can win a copy of LAIBACH's greatest hits double CD "Anthems" plus lots of other goodies too exciting to mention!

If you live outside south Manchester and/ or can't pick up the signal don't worry. We are now putting highlights of the shows online as streaming audio. This means that you can now check out interviews and music from previous shows whenever and wherever you like... including folk singer David Rovics, campaigners from Menwith Hill Women's Peace Camp and Damien Mahoney, producer of film "This is Camp X-Ray" which is receiving its world premiere next Sunday (12th December) in central Manchester.

Of course you'll have to zip along to www.underthepavement.org and click on the Listen link to find out more...

We'll be putting more content online over the coming months, thanks to The Independent Media Centre (IMC) Radio Network, so keep checking back.



Under the Pavement: Manchester's Radical Radio Show

Every other Monday 9.00pm until 11.00pm on ALLFM 96.9 in south Manchester

Listen to highlights from the show online at http://www.underthepavement.org


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