The Seventh Manchester Radical Bookfair: Saturday 30th April

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Mar 18 2005 23:38
The Seventh Manchester Radical Bookfair: Saturday 30th April

The seventh Manchester Radical Bookfair

Saturday 30th April 12.00noon-5.00pm

The Basement, 24 Lever Street (off Piccadilly Gardens) Manchester

What is it:

Manchester has a strong tradition of radical protest and the bookfair is an opportunity to find out what is going on in Manchester now.

The bookfair focusses on grassroots/ DIY/ non hierarchical groups and not party politics.

Who will be there:

Below is a list of people who have expressed an interest in attending the bookfair.

We will be posting a full list of confirmed attendees on the website when people have confirmed.

Book sellers and Distributors:

Active Distribution

AK Press

The Basement Bookshop

News From Nowhere Radical Bookshop

Northern Herald Books

Groups and Campaigns:

Anarchist Federation



Class War

Cunningham Amendment


Olive Co-operative

People Against Global Imperialism

Repressed Distribution

Solidarity Federation

Under the Pavement Radio Show

The venue:

The Basement is located down a flight of approximately ten stairs at 24 Lever Street in central Manchester.


The venue is a short two minute walk from Piccadilly Gardens.

Nearest bus:

Piccadilly Gardens

Nearest Metrolink:

Piccadilly Gardens

Nearest Train Station:

Manchester Piccadilly

I will try and post a map on the website in the next few days.

The stalls:

Space is limited. Therefore if you are interested in having a stall at the event please contact me as soon as possible.

There will be a minimum charge of £5 for a stall (pasting table size).


Due to lack of space there will be no workshops/ talks at this bookfair.

Vegan Cafe:

Hot and cold food and drink will be available all day from the Basement cafe.

All food and drink is vegan and teas/ coffees fairly traded.

There is space to chill out and chat.

Internet Access:

There will be free internet access via the Basement's computers.

Publicity and Promotion:

Please remember that the bookfair is very much a DIY event. Any money raised is put back in to cover venue costs and publicity.

Therefore any help with promoting the bookfair is greatly appreciated. Please post this email on to anyone you think might be interested, put an article in your newsletter or zine, post it up on discussion forums and notice boards.

If you can help distribute posters and fliers please contact me and I'll mail some out to you.


If you would like to help out and get involved in organising the bookfair please email

In order to keep costs as low as possible the best way to contact the bookfair organisers is by email.



Anarchism*Peace*Direct Action*Social Change


Log on to the website for latest updates:

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Mar 19 2005 00:11

Oh, awesome. I'll probably turn up half dead at around 2pm.

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Mar 20 2005 00:03

Will def come to this smile

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Mar 23 2005 21:20

If you are travelling to Manc for the bookfair why not stay until Sunday and join in the Mayday festivities?

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Mar 27 2005 21:06

i plan to be at the bookfair, and join the mayday festivities the following day circle A

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Mar 27 2005 21:28

I'm meant to be doing the Ministry of truth in Stockport on that day from 12 noon so i'll miss the bookfair sad

still i suppose theres not that much space in the basement so if me and a few others go and hang around stockport it leaves room for other people.

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Mar 27 2005 23:25

Ah, shite. I'm closer to Stockport but I also want to visit the bookfair.

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Mar 30 2005 14:44

Is a radical bookfair ,a bookfair without books?.

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Mar 30 2005 15:06

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Mar 30 2005 16:23
pingtiao wrote:

Whats so radical about it then

Waterstons with lino?.

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Mar 30 2005 17:11

well maybe we can do both refused. if we do the ministry in stockport at 12 for an hour or so then go to the bookfair. or maybe do the ministry earlier? dunno really but theres a defy id meeting tonight at fmh at 7.30pm so we'll discuss it then

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May 3 2005 22:52


The Manchester Social Forum had a stall at the Radical Bookfair on the eve of May Day (30/4/05) at the BASEMENT on Level Street (off Piccadilly). This Fair was the best ever held in Manchester. Sales of NORTHERN VOICES was well up on previous FAIRS. There were over 20 stalls; including Sol Fed, AF, News from Nowhere (Liverpool), Anarchists & Social Workers, Cunningham Amendment, Total Liberty, Northern Voices, Freedom, Bob Jones Bradford Books, Psycho-Geography,

and many more.

During the day hundreds passed through, there were no meetings, and it was generally thought the event was a roaring success. A future Manchester Radical BOOKFAIR is now being planned for early December.