the G8 and the future

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Jul 20 2005 12:12
the G8 and the future

hey hey hope you have all arrived back to manchestie safely after having

an amazingly inspiring time (it was for me anyway) in scotland...

just to let you know that we are having a meeting to share our

experiences.. to plan fundraisers (as some of us are owed shed loads of

moolah) and to plan actions for the future.. this meeting will be relaxed

and chilled and at the basement 24 lever st on monday 25th july at 6pm

it will be a general chit chat about what was amazing with maybe

constructive ideas for change and progression to encourage an improvement

to future action...that we can organise together..woohooo..

so start thinkin about how the week made you feel, what inspired you and

what made you feel alive, and also about stuff you'd like to do in the

future so we can get all excited all over again...

hope you can make it...

big love

nes x x x x