Grassroots Resistance in Palestine

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Jan 2 2005 11:46
Grassroots Resistance in Palestine

From Manchester SF

We would like to inform you of the following event:

‘Grassroots Resistance in Palestine’

organised by Manchester Solidarity Federation

Thursday 6 January – 7.30pm, Friends Meeting House, Room 3

At this informal meeting, Taysir Ezzeden, Palestinian activist and community organiser, will talk about current grassroots efforts to resist Israeli oppression and uphold Palestinian civil society. Taysir has been particularly active in bringing together Palestinian, Israeli and international activists against the Apartheid Wall being built within the West Bank. Andrew Read (Manchester Palestine Solidarity Campaign) and Abbie Paton (Jews for Justice for Palestinians) will also talk about their recent visit to Palestine where they witnessed the effects of the Wall, of the checkpoints, and of land confiscation policies at first hand.