AF Meeting - Rossport Solidarity Action Manchester

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Oct 12 2006 19:41
AF Meeting - Rossport Solidarity Action Manchester

Manchester Anarchist Federation are meeting on
Wednesday 18th October at the Basement, 24 Lever St,
Manchester. Starts at 7.30 pm.

In the summer, 4 of us went to Rossport in County
Mayo, Ireland. There we met two other people from
Manchester. Rossport is a small town/village of
around 200 people in a remote part of the west of
Ireland called Erris, itself a huge area with a
population of little over 8000.

For the last few years, the people of Rossport have
been battling Shell's efforts to bring gas ashore and
refine it in an area of countryside near their homes.
The pipeline itself will travel only 70m from houses.
At this distance, any leakage would prove fatal to
those living nearby. Shell have bought, from the
Irish state a 1000 acre site to "process" the gas.
They need only 40 acres for this. This has led to
speculation that what is really at stake is oil and
the construction of an oil refinery on the site.

Shell effectively shot themselves in the foot last
year when they had 5 local men imprisoned for contempt
of court. The contempt was because they had engaged
in effective direct action - blocking Shell's access
to their plant. Until last week no further
construction work was possible in Erris.

Last week, the Irish state sent in the heavies, in the
form of the guardai, the police, to enforce entry to
Shell's refinery site. This was despite a massive
picket of upwards of 200 people. The full story is
available on the site. Look for Further links are available on

The people of Rossport are courageous and
well-informed. They are asking for our solidarity.
We would like to organise a protest at one of their
sites in Manchester on the week commencing October
23rd. At their request, this will be a piece of
non-violent direct action.

At the meeting on the 18th, we'd like to discuss the
how's and where's of this action.

A member of the Rossport Solidarity camp is in
Manchester on the 20th October and two others will be
over on November 2nd. On the 2nd November, they will
be speaking at the Basement. Our thanks go to our
comrades in Solfed for their assistance with this.

Please try and make it to this meeting. As one of the
Rossport 5 said, if Shell can't be stopped in Co Mayo,
where can they be stopped?