P R O J E C T I L E Anarchist Festival of Film and Ideas

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Nov 12 2004 16:07
P R O J E C T I L E Anarchist Festival of Film and Ideas

From the website

PROJECTILE will be a major event taking place in central Newcastle from 11-13 February, featuring rare and radical films. The evenings will have music and entertainment, the daytimes will have talks and discussions between the films. We are inviting bookstalls, both local and national groups and artists to get involved. If there is something you would like to contribute, get in touch! It will also be an occasion where anarchists and left libertarians from all over the UK can get together, and where those interested in ideas can find out much more.

We are also interested in showing films in other locations in the North East before this event. If you might be interested in hosting one of these events, get in touch!

PROJECTILE will also be at the Anarchist Bookfair (London, Saturday 27th November) running a session on how to set up a film festival.

We are meeting every couple of weeks to screen films and discuss what would be best for the film festival. If you are interested in getting involved, email

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Nov 12 2004 16:12

Aurora de Esperanza ( Dawning of Hope ) 1936 Spain

It's 1935 Spain and our hero Juan - poor and nearly destitute - starts to organise, with his fellow workers, marches and demonstrations against unemployment and poverty. But revolution is just around the corner, and the film culminates with our hero heading toward the front with his companions.

Made during the height of the Anarchist revolution in Spain, this is one of only six fictional movies made by the CNT film collective (The Union of the Industrial Spectacle). It has only been shown a few times on the continent and it will have its English premiere, with brand-new subtitles, here at Projectile.

Can Dialectics Break Bricks? 1973 France

What happens when a bunch of situationists get their hands on the rights to a cheap kung fu film? This masterpiece of "detourned" cinema, in which battling martial artists are made to fight the evil forces of bureaucracy, Trotskyism, and boredom. Plenty of laughs, with a serious subtext.

Anarchy in the UK - 10 Days that shook the world 2005 UK

World premiere! Even we haven't seen this yet, as it's still in production. Documentary footage from the 1994 anarchist gathering in London ("Ten Days That Shook the World"), including everything from an interview with Class War's Ian Bone to clips from the sexy "SmutFest" cabaret night.

Resist 2003 Belgium

This documentary on the Living Theatre won top honours at CineEuropa last year. It blends the influential anarchist-pacifist theatre group’s history with footage of past and recent performances, including manifestations at the G8 in Genoa and in refugee camps.

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Dec 14 2004 18:47

As part of the Projectile Anarchist Festival of Film and Ideas I am collecting local activist videos from the last 10 years, and then editing them into ( probably 3 ) shorts. These will be shown as part of the festival from 11-13 February 2005.

Do you have any funny, serious, dramatic, angry, peaceful film footage? Did you film the anti-war demos of 2004, or take action against the Criminal Justice Act in 1994? Have you staged interventions in the shopping centres or recorded interviews with residents of neighbourhoods being demolished? Has this footage never been seen - would you like to get an airing?

Alternatively, are you any good at video editing and would you be interested in helping with this not-for-profit project?

If so please get in touch with

Film footage identified so far includes: the anticapitalist Street Party that closed down Mosley St in central Newcastle in 1999; 'Nukestopping' - blocking the convoys of nuclear warheads that travel down the A69 and past the Metro Centre; and the 'Leapday' events of 2004 that saw Eldon Square pond infested with leapfroggers, challenging the privatisation of public space.

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Dec 14 2004 18:49

For these activist videos I mean LOCAL footage by LOCAL people - ie. the north east, cos otherwise there's just much too much.

If you know anyone who might have some, do send em my way ( and before february ), cos i won't have time to edit after that!

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Feb 13 2005 09:34

Any chance of a report on how its all going?