Chop the Monarchy

Chop the Monarchy is an aggressive campaign of direct action world wide. Here in the Northeast (UK) Class War will be mounting one of its biggest mobilisations of anti-royalists against the visit of HRH Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Philip on the 14th October 2005 in Newcastle.

The importance of this campaign and the ongoing struggles in countries (Nepal) that suffer under the royalist yoke can no longer be tolerated. Unjustly promoted as Divine, these figure heads have grown like a cancerous growth on the backs of working class toil and deserve nothing less than the chop.

Our call is Revolutionary as we cannot supplement one power for another. We seek nothing less than the removal of all rights the monarchists claim to power, property and wealth. This removal is to be instituted immediately as the insult & assault these criminals perpetuate is an offence under every Religion, Law & Cultural Norm, where society values equality.

Please pass this message on to Friends, Neighbours & Groups and make the posters available to all which can be downloaded from Indymedia:

We would also appreciate any intelligence on the visit that you know of that can help us:

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Oct 5 2005 20:06


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Oct 6 2005 09:14

Goes without saying we don't want President

Blair either! red n black star

Oct 18 2005 10:34

Sorry but what is the point of all this? Surely with all that is happening to the working class then ranting and raving about the bloody royal family is a side issue. They are largely symbolic, attacking the capitalist system itself is more important than attacking the royals. They are their own worst publicists anyway. All this does is encourage the usual caricature and false impression of anarchists (speaking as a non-anarchist). To make a difference you have to be within working class movements not stood on the side shouting at posh people, monarchs, coppers etc. and making fools of yourselves.

Oct 19 2005 11:31

Why do you precipose that the working class are thick and dont think about the issues that we bring up ? A good example of how this effects us is over an arguement of bin alloacation on my estate and why the "Posh" people on the private estate got two instead of one bin.

Assumptions grew very quickly that this was a `class` issue as the council explained the middle class households were better at recyling (hence the reason for the extra bin).

The terms and references used as a backdrop to a campaign have always included those used by the target group i.e working class. so we are on the estates and rather than appeal to a movement we are appealing to the working class community. If they join us it is on their own terms and as it should be they determine the course of campaigns and not some elite.

Our War is not just on side issue as you put them down to, but like all successful movements you cant expect to get good press all the time and if you beleive such carictures, all I can say is you need to re-examine what you read carefully.

circle A

Nov 2 2005 22:10

I don’t think the working class are thick. I’m working class and have been called stupid before (by anarchists) because I once voted Labour. I don’t really see what the recycling argument has to do with it. All I’m saying is that for many working class people the monarchy, like being a Christian, is something they don’t think about every day. What is more important is how they are being exploited at work. They can’t articulate this very well mainly because the media and the propaganda of the bosses lead them to believe that there is no other alternative to capitalism. Some may get angry at the royal family but it only takes one of them to die or be born or get wed for the whole propaganda exercise to start up again. I think that anger that is felt should be directed at more worthwhile targets like the economic system we live under and the fact that poorer working class people have worse education & health care and die a lot younger than the rich and the gap is widening.