WSA: 2018 New Years Greetings

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Dec 31 2017 18:17
WSA: 2018 New Years Greetings

2018 New Years Greetings!

Dear friends and comrades,

Revolutionary greetings.

As 2017 closed, we witnessed vicious attacks from the state and capitalist class worldwide through austerity imposed internationally affecting the working class, nepotism protecting interests of capital, continued state repression, racism, anti-immigrant attacks and harassment of political groups and workers' organizations and the escalation of imperialistic violence to advance the capitalists grip on resources to exploit, further destroy ecosystems globally, and concentrate the vast majority of wealth into the hands of the oppressors.

The Workers Solidarity Alliance looks forward to 2018 as an
opportunity to reflect, develop forward looking strategies engage others and build our organization and broadly cooperate with others in the class struggle to combat the state, capitalism racial and gender oppression.

We look forward to victories that empower the working class and move us closer to international libertarian socialist revolution.

The Workers Solidarity Alliance would like to extend our wishes of a successful and vibrant year of organizing in 2018.

Yours in solidarity,

Workers Solidarity Alliance

"We carry a new world here, in our hearts."
---B. Emily Durruti

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Jan 1 2018 15:28

Thumbs way up!

2017 was indeed an awful year, though at least there was a glimmer of light towards the end.