WI Public sector unions choose minority unionist tactics?

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Sep 26 2011 12:43
WI Public sector unions choose minority unionist tactics?

Well, prolly not the way anarcho-syndicalists or wobs would chooose. But I found of this of interest. I would be curious to find out what sort of constant mobilization and in-office.in-shop empower workers strategies that not recerting unions will take on. Obviously, I am not that silly to believe much in the way of real empowerment and mobilization .... but, sometimes, you gots to go back to the past in order to get to the future.

Wisconsin doesn't have to bargain with biggest unions; weakened labor groups decide against recertifying

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Juan Conatz
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Sep 28 2011 01:02

This was something me and OliverTwister mentioned as a possibility. I think it's more likely their main activity and strategy is representing or accompanying workers to the state board for complaints, which is even more toothless than the NLRB, and hoping and organizing so that enough Democrats get elected that overturn the law. But at the same time they're gonna have to do stuff to keep and gain members, because the pro-union attitude in WI isn't going to exist indefinitely and it doesn't even exist everywhere in the state.