USA Presidential Election -Trump/Biden - Future Uncertain

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Oct 13 2020 11:30
USA Presidential Election -Trump/Biden - Future Uncertain

Time perhaps for a separate discussion thread looking both past and present to what has changed or not as a result of the impact of Trumps election (and others of his ilk) and responses to that in the USA and the world both in terms of ideology and economics and what that means for any more radical or potentially revolutionary working class struggle over the coming decade:
This fairly long text (with a short aside on the UK) asks more questions than answers but is a useful starting point for a discussion:

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Oct 13 2020 18:59

There's the AWW/LGR text, and various more or less favourable responses to it here:

"How do we stop a coup?" from Unity & Struggle :

Analysis from Peter Gelderloos, who's been great these last few years:

I haven't read all of that IP piece, and only skimmed over it with reference to the UK section, but this bit jumped out as being dire:

The Labour Party imploded at the election, having been hijacked by the Momentum movement – led by a coterie of anti-Blairite, anti-Semitic and self-deluded Stalinists – who put forward an ineffectual position on Brexit – and hence immigration – that alienated much of the party’s base in the north of England.

Now, I don't think that IP actually think that being "anti-Blairite" is comparable to being anti-Semitic or a self-deluded Stalinist, but it's very difficult to not get that impression from the way that sentence is phrased. And as for the question of whether the LP/Momentum leadership are or were anti-Semitic, I think nuance is vital, and something completely lacking from that sentence. I think the LP/Momentum leadership made mistakes in dealing with antisemitism, and did not deal with it as swiftly and effectively as they would have likely dealt with other forms of racism, and that not all of those failures can be attributed to the sabotage of people like Sam Matthews, although some of them definitely can be. But if you can't articulate that without just saying "Momentum's leadership were anti-Blairite and anti-Semitic", then you have no business writing serious theoretical analysis, imo.

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Oct 14 2020 02:02

Obviously not read it but this new book seems to make an interesting point.

Psychology professor Bob Altemeyer and former Nixon White House lawyer John Dean write in their new book, ‘Authoritarian Nightmare,’ that "Even if Donald Trump disappeared tomorrow the millions of people who made him president would be ready to make someone else similar president instead."

They explain that many Trump supporters]are submissive, fearful, and longing for a mighty leader who will protect them from life's threats …They divide the world into friend and foe, with the latter greatly outnumbering the former."
(original story behind Washington Post's paywall)

Reminds me of Wilhelm's Reich "Listen Little Man"

With all this vote Biden the lesser evil from the Left, what is always missing is just why Trump got such a solid support in the first place that has remained fairly steady and how Biden is going to offer solutions to them.

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Oct 17 2020 14:51

The poor 'throw-away' comment on the Labour Party and Brexit aside the rest is still worth reading.
Edit: In terms of the related situation in the UK, (with Brexit and the impact of the latest Covid-19 border regimes), these 2 texts are perhaps more useful if still in line to some extent with the drift of the content in the main IP article:
and this earlier piece here:

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Oct 19 2020 11:46

So IP's Sander takes issue with aspects of the previous IP post in terms of it's interpretation of the Trump transformation of the Republican Party and a view of Trumps 'foreign policy' as less obviously out of kilter with the past and current needs of capital if past it's usefulness internally at this point in time, and seems to lean towards the likelihood of a Biden victory this time round. But more to the point makes a more useful summary regarding the current stage of the crisis in the USA and the likely results of either parties victory in the elections with a further 'kick it down the road' state policy and further attack on the working class. Wisely avoids making too many comparisons so far with the UK. Think I've got that summary about right but worth a second read.
It's hear: