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Aug 21 2011 02:27
Prisoner Support

The Internationalist Prison Books Collective (IPBC),, puts together a poster every month with information about political prisoners (PPs) and prisoners of war (POWs) incarcerated in the United States, along with their addresses.

In April I was able to participate in a PP’s birthday party at the Dry River Radical Resource Center, an Infoshop located in the Dunbar Spring neighborhood of Tucson, Arizona where we made cards for all the prisoners on the IPBC poster, snacked, took pictures to send along and smashed a piñata. It was a great deal of fun!

Without a doubt, I think the Prison Industrial Complex (PIC) is one of the flashpoints of class struggle and internal colonialism in the States, and that sending birthday cards to PPs and POWS is the least people who can, should be doing.

Since leaving Tucson to work on a farm in Iowa I’ve made a point of continuing to write PPs and POWs using as both a resource for current contact information and for news on the contemporary struggle against the PIC. My correspondence with prisoners has been both very informative and inspiring! and are two other great resources for writing to PPs and POWs. If you haven’t written prisoners before, you may want to check out this great article, Tips On Writing To A Prisoner:

Photo of AJI takin' a swing at a pinata at the April 2011 Political Prisoner Birthday Party at Dry River, photo by Eric.