Pirates Fest Announcement of Union Solidarity Night at PNC Park - SweatFree Home Opener 2007

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Pirates Fest Announcement of Union Solidarity Night at PNC Park - SweatFree Home Opener 2007

Pirates Fest Announcement of Union Solidarity Night at PNC Park - SweatFree Home Opener 2007

Start: Jan 28 2007 - 11:00am

Event Details:

Members of the Pittsburgh IWW and anti sweatshop activists will gather at the Steel City Diner on Liberty Avenue (punctually) at 11 AM on Sunday January 28th for some Major League Sweatshop Education before heading over to Pirates Fest 2007 at the David L Lawrence Convention Center.


Major League Sweatshop Actions at Pirates Fest will begin at the 10:30 AM meeting of the Sports and Exhibition Authority on Thursday, January 25 in the David L Lawrence Convention Center... and continue strait thu Pirates Fest. Read about Pirates Fest here...

No Better place to talk talk talk to Pirates Fans about Sweatshops

The weekend’s activities will wrap up on Sunday when members of the Pittsburgh IWW meet with Pirates ticket sales staff to arrange for Major League Sweatshop Education on the Jumbotron during the April 14 game against the SF Giants. Recent claims by Pirates lawyer Larry Silverman deny the Pirates have learned anything about the global apparel industry, much less have they launch an appropriate inquiry into Haddad Apparel in Bangladesh. Members of the National Garment Workers of Bangladesh have an active organizing drive in the factories sewing Haddad/Pirates apparel and are prepared to work with representatives of the Pittsburgh Pirates in their investigation.

Sweatshop abuses in factories sewing Haddad/Pirates apparel in Bangladesh include exorbitant forced overtime, numerous women's rights violations, firings and physical violence against workers for cooperating with investigations/organizing labor unions.

No Pirates Fan expects anything less than thoughtful consideration of these rights violations by the Pittsburgh Pirates and the team’s cooperation with local anti sweatshop activists, international investigators, and the NGWF. Major League Baseball continues to be negligent in its promise to monitor workers rights in factories sewing Major League Baseball apparel.

The Pittsburgh General Membership Branch of the Pittsburgh IWW is pleased to be the first group in 2007 to take advantage of group ticket pricing and the traditional recognition of groups attending ball games... announcements on the Jumbotron. The Pittsburgh IWW will be selling Pirates tickets for $15 - 9 of which will go directly to the cost of our tickets and $6 as a donation to the NGFW of Bangladesh to support union organizing in the factories sewing Pirates apparel.


Steel City Diner - Convention Center
Liberty Ave, near intersection with 10th Street
Pittsburgh, PA
United States