Anarcho-syndicalist organization?

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Apr 4 2015 07:40

Yeah, I think history and what I'd call brand recognition have a lot to do with stuff. Sorry if people don't like that word, but there are a couple of organizations I know where the initials carry some long history with it and this makes it very attractive. Sometimes I would say this is even problematic...... but that's another story.

Yeah, these remarks about the American South are interesting. I don't know how much conservatism would shock the average person here --- but I take the point. (I have no idea what's in Alabama these days. BTW, yesterday I saw the film Selma. Was very upset, I remember seeing stuff like this on TV when I was a kid and I told somebody more about this history and when I did, it sort of sunk into my friend's head that this kind of stuff happened not so long ago, and people are still getting murdered all the time by cops....... but really no idea what things are like today.)

So, if people have trouble organizing in places like that, it's the same like around here, where there is trouble organizing in some countries with very capitalistic and conservative approaches. And certainly we can see countries, like next-door Germany, with its super-large concentration of radicals and activity in one or two places and nothing really in most towns.

It's a bit of a degression from the main topic.

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Folks should join the WSA and help us build our new Anarcho-Syndicalist Initiative if you are so interested.

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Oct 24 2019 23:13

This is a trip to reread