19-year old kid fired from Goodwill, slapped with felony charges for giving discounts

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Sep 27 2013 19:27
19-year old kid fired from Goodwill, slapped with felony charges for giving discounts

Beyond insane:

COLLIER COUNTY, FL - An East Naples teenager who thought he was doing a good deed ended up behind bars.

Collier County deputies say 19-year-old Andrew Anderson was an employee at a Goodwill store in East Naples -- he was arrested for giving out discounts.


The 19-year-old was an employee at Goodwill Retail and Donation Center in East Naples -- giving out discounts to customers he thought were in need.

"People would come in on bicycles -- wearing all of the clothes they had, coming in with $2, $3 max," Anderson said.

Not thinking anything of it, Anderson would cut prices in half, leaving families with a smile.

"I wasn't actually stealing. Goodwill is a giving and helping company, so I took it upon to myself to be giving and helping because I feel people deserve it," Anderson said.

But the teenager quickly went from paying it forward to the Collier County jail.

"My heart just dropped into my stomach," Anderson said.

Store officials fired Anderson and reported the incident to deputies. They arrested him Tuesday and charged him with grand theft.


Andrew says out of the two weeks he gave discounts, not once did he put a dollar in his own pocket and he even offered to pay back the money that Goodwill estimates he gave away.

Store officials say none of that matters.

"Our stores are not around to give a hand out, they're around to give people a hand up by providing funding, said Kirstin O'Donnell, a spokesperson for Goodwill Retail and Donation Center in East Naples.

"In incidents like this, we always prosecute and the reason why is when people steal from Goodwill, they're not stealing from the company, they're stealing from the mission of our organization."

Hope this kid can beat the charges, but fuck. And for some context, while Goodwill executives are of course making bank, they have a lovely practice of hiring disabled people and paying them on piece-work, some workers getting as little as 22 cents per hour.

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Sep 28 2013 08:26

If they're stealing from the mission and not the company then how can they be prosecuted? Goodwill is mean.

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Sep 28 2013 12:02

Also this last year or so Goodwill has been having pickets descend on them to protest their super-exploitation of workers with disabilities via labor law that allows them to pay folks with disabilities below minimum wage (in the worst case I've heard of, 75 cents). My town, which is relatively small, has had two this past year. The most recent one was sparked when a goodwill worker in Great Falls had her pay cut from minimum to $2.75. She walked out and put word out, folks went out in their respective towns to show solidarity.

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Sep 28 2013 15:00

Some good news. Goodwill dropped the charges.

An Affirming Flame
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Sep 28 2013 17:26

Thanks jeff_k, I was just going to update with that. Now perhaps some action from his co-workers/the community to get him reinstated? Maybe unrealistic, but boze's above post about pickets offers some hope.