Zimbabwe repression

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David in Atlanta
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May 10 2008 04:12
Zimbabwe repression

The IFU trade union secretariat reports:

Protest Arrests of National Trade Union Leaders in Zimbabwe

In the ongoing post-election repression of the democracy movement and
workers and trade unionists in particular, Lovemore Motombo and
Wellington Chibebe, respectively President and General Secretary of the Zimbabwe
Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) were arrested on May 8 and charged with
"inciting people to rise against the government and reporting
falsehoods about people being killed' for speaking out on May Day about the
country's political crisis and the growing repression of the opposition to

For more information, and to send a message to the government of
click here:


40,000 Farmworkers Victims of Latest Government Violence

According to the General Agriculture and Plantation Workers Union of
Zimbabwe (GAPWUZ), close to 40,000 farmworkers have been "affected by
the current terror campaign", victims of violence and/or eviction from
their workplaces.