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Apr 23 2006 02:33

I'm trying to find information on the Zapatista's 'Other Campaign'. Anyone know of a good source?

More generally, what do you think of the group?

Catch 22
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Apr 23 2006 02:42

All the info you could ever want on the "Other Campaign". Personally I think the zaps are doing some damn good work as of late. They were getting a little too mired in "identity politics" but this new campaign is something that could help build a real autonomous working class movement.

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Apr 23 2006 02:58

Visit Irlandesa's Library for ongoing translations of Zapatista communiques.

There's also the Chiapas95 emailing list, which my father helps administrate (or at least used to) with Harry Cleaver. The archives are always updated and can be found here .

If you can understand Spanish, you might find some information here also.

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Lab Rat
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Apr 23 2006 10:18

i can remember a certain group trying to convince us (wma) that the zapatistas were "capitalist gangsters"...??