Workers occupy furniture factory, block removal of equipment

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Mar 7 2009 20:29
Workers occupy furniture factory, block removal of equipment

Workers from the Forte furniture factory in Rzeszow, Poland occupied their factory and blocked removal of equipment.

The action unfortunately looks like too little too late. The giant furniture producer already downsized the size of staff at the Rzeszow factory from 400 to just less than250 people over the last six months. In four other cities, hundreds of other workers lost their jobs, including about 200 people in Hajnówka. Now everybody else in Rzeszow is supposed to lose their jobs.

Part of the workers decided to occupy the factory and blocks access to any trucks that may come and haul away equipment. The union in the factory, Soldarity, does not agree that the factory be liquidated.

However, as it turns out Solidarity had already been discussing the terms of dismissing another 1/3 of the employees. It is not at all clear that they won't try to negotiate some "compromise" with the bosses - for example dismissal of part of the employees and/or reduction of wages.