workers against union bosses

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Nov 9 2009 18:54
workers against union bosses

because they don't want to strike

Fry's workers hoping to stop their union from calling a strike against the grocery chain will hold a rally Monday morning at 10 a.m.

Organizers said they plan to picket outside union headquarters on 2401 N. Central Ave in downtown Phoenix to show their opposition to member leadership, who they say have barred them from voting on a new labor agreement with the employer.

The United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 99, which represents most hourly employees at Fry's and Safeway, has threatened to call a strike if the companies and the union fail to reach a contract deal by 6 p.m. Friday. The union and the companies have been negotiating for more than a year.


Leona Melton, a Fry's employee participating in Monday's rally, said she wants the union to hold another vote since the contract has changed since members initially voted in favor of the strike deadline. She said most employees are opposed to a walkout.

This is solely the employees trying to save their livelihood," Melton said. "We don't want to be out of work over the holidays."

Union leadership could not be reached for comment Sunday evening. A reordered update on their Negotiations Hotline warned members not to be divided by employers' "lies and rumors," saying that no substantial changes had been made to the agreement.

so, it sounds as though the members haven't had a chance to read the new contract.