Worker killed at Starbucks' uniform supplier Cintas

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Jason Cortez
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Mar 15 2007 11:17
Worker killed at Starbucks' uniform supplier Cintas

Notorious union-buster and worker safety violator Cintas supplies and launders uniforms for the world's largest coffee chain. Despite repeated requests from the labor movement, Starbucks has yet to publicly condemn Cintas' union-busting- no surprise given Starbucks' own track record on labor relations.
Now Eleazar Torres-Gomez is the latest victim of a workplace without a voice. Eleazar was trapped in a Cintas dryer, "which can reportedly reach temperatures of 300 degrees—for at least 20 minutes." Rest in peace fellow worker, you won't be forgotten.
The world has yet to see a better workplace safety mechanism than a strong group of union workers on the shop floor monitoring hazards and insisting on appropriate health protections.
Unite-Here has the story on Eleazar's tragic and macabre death.