Winning the propaganda war

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Oct 31 2006 12:13
Winning the propaganda war
BBC News wrote:
The US defence department has set up a new unit to better promote its message across 24-hour rolling news outlets, and particularly on the internet.


Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said earlier this year the US was losing the propaganda war to its enemies.


The unit would reportedly monitor media such as weblogs and would also employ "surrogates", or top politicians or lobbyists who could be interviewed on TV and radio shows.


President Bush has said recently that terror groups were trying to influence public opinion in the US, describing their efforts as the "war of ideas".

So if you notice lots of news stories saying how well the war in Iraq is going, now you know why.

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Oct 31 2006 12:22

''and particularly on the internet''

So all videos on Youtube will start of with a 20 second propaganda piece?