Wildcat by Preston bus drivers today

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Mike Harman
Joined: 7-02-06
Jun 13 2008 16:10
Wildcat by Preston bus drivers today


Not much to the article - there was a strike, it ended, about pay and conditions.

For a local rag the comments aren't bad:

Tom Harrison,
Deepdale 13/06/2008 14:27:13
The whole country is on strike.

Busses, Museums, Tanker Drivers, Fuel Station Workers where will this end?

Civil War is acoming people!!!!!

David C,
13/06/2008 15:27:03
Ex-Callon the point is Preston Bus dont go there and its pointless moaning about something that doesn't affect u. Question is was it stagecoach or Preston Bus, if Preston Bus, then they should interview people using Preston Bus.

I happen to be at the bus station, when the so called strike was on. My personal advice to all preston bus employees, is to all unite and go on strike each and everyone.
We are all facing crisis, with the oil going up, the food, etc etc. If this is the way to keep breathing then be it.

The whole blooming country is falling apart. We need demonstrations like these!!

Peter P2,
13/06/2008 16:11:17
When is the next strike?? Did they even come up with an agreement?? Very soft!!